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Childrens Beds

Make Your Child’s Dream Bedroom Come True

When it comes to bedroom furniture, children’s beds is one area where there is now a great deal of choice. As well as plenty of single children’s beds to choose from, there is also the option of bunk beds and cabin beds to consider.

Children’s Beds With Storage

Choosing a children’s bed really depends on your and your child’s needs. If you are looking for a children’s bed with additional storage then it is worth looking at a divan bed. The extra storage space underneath can hold toys, games and clothing. Cabin beds are also a great choice for children who need extra storage space and additional features, like an in-built desk, drawers, or even a pull out spare bed, making them perfect for unexpected sleepovers.

The Traditional Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are another great option if you are looking for a children’s bed. Bunk beds feature two beds stacked upon one another but they take up the space of only one bed. This could be useful if you have a small room, two children or if your child frequently has friends to stay over.

Our children’s beds come in a wide range of styles and colours. Cabin beds, bunk beds and divan beds are just some of the options but you can also opt for a traditional bedstead, with both metal and wooden frames.

Match The Colour Of The Bed To The Room

When it comes to choosing your child’s bed, colour can also be an important consideration. Our large range of children’s beds come in a variety of colours including black, white, pink, blue and purple. We also stock a range of beds that feature patterns, which are perfect for adding an individual touch to your child’s bedroom. The Silentnight, My First Bed range also has a number of options for colourful, themed beds that kids will love.

Many of our children’s beds are available for next day delivery in the UK, so you can easily brighten up your child’s bedroom with a brand new bed. We also stock a wide range of children’s bedroom furniture, which you can co-ordinate with the colours and themes of your child’s room.


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