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Folding Beds

A folding bed does exactly what it says in its name! A bed that easily folds away when not in use and can be stored out of sight. Its style and design is the practical solution you need in your home for occasional use, be it for visiting friends or relatives when space is at a premium.

Folding beds are also becoming more popular for camping, as they are easy to transport and can be a lot more comfortable than a padded ground sheet. Compact and quick to assemble, these are big sellers for Bedstar during the summer season.

Single folding beds tend to be the most popular size, but there has been a greater demand for double sizes in 2014/15, which has led manufacturers to produce a range of products that offer twin sleeping arrangements.

The mattress technology over recent years has also improved for folding beds, and where in the past the mattresses could be considered too thin and a bit uncomfortable, nowadays are as comfortable as a sofa bed. This is due to their fillings including pocket springs and memory foam.

At bedstar.co uk, we have purposely picked a range of folding beds from the UKís most reputable suppliers that represent the best value for money, comfort, usability and many of which are available for next day delivery.


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