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Single Beds

From the very latest trends to the classic retro look, Bedstar’s range of single beds is the most comprehensive on the market. Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a delightful Serene Penny for your daughter or a soccer themed bed for your future Wayne Rooney; our range is truly the best in the single beds market.

Who Are Single Beds Designed For?

Single beds are designed for homes that do not have the space for a full sized double bed. So, if you are struggling for space in your child’s bedroom then a single bed is the perfect option.

They are also great for younger children who are making the first big leap into a regular bed. If you feel that a single bed might be too large for your toddler, take a look at our small single beds sectionand browse our great range of smaller beds.

Single beds are especially good for teenagers who sleep in smaller rooms. Of course, if they start to complain about space, then a small double might be the perfect solution. Click here to take a look at our small double beds section.

We Stock Every Style Imaginable

Whether you love the traditional look of a wooden bedframe or the modern appeal of a faux leather bedstead, we have all the choice you need when it comes to finding your dream single bed.

Take a look below to view our whole range. If you need any assistance in choosing your new single bed, then take a look at our buyer’s guides for in-depth guidance.

If you need to talk to the team, then click here to get all our contact information.


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