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Sofa Beds

Lacking space? Don't want a bulky bed that takes up all of the room when it’s only getting occasional use? If you are, then a sofa bed might be the ideal solution! These sofas are designed for everyday use and are extremely comfortable as well. Coming in a range of fabric or leather options, these designs will readily fit into any room you have already spent time personalising and getting the decorating design right.

Sofa beds have two types of standard mechanisms. Firstly there is the click clack system, which requires the simple pull of a lever to drop down the back of the sofa so it lays flat and creates an even sleeping surface. The second is a pull out mechanism. This involves taking the cushions off the sofa bed and unfolding the bed out of the sofa. The pull out bed design is a slightly more involved method, but its advantages are that is becomes solid sleeping area with a very comfortable mattress.

Sofa bed mattresses come in a range of depths and fillings, where the choice of mattress will usually depend on how much use the sofa bed will get. If it will only be used occasionally, then a basic mattress will suffice. However, if it will be used on a regular basis, then spending a bit extra on a mattress will get you a more comfortable sleeping surface and something that will be more durable and last for longer.

These beds come in a range of sizes, similar to day beds, with most turning into a standard double bed. In 2015, sofa chairs have seen a rise in popularity, with their standard single bed accommodation coming into vogue.

Bedstar’s stock of sofa beds are available for next day delivery in the UK, so if you have guests staying on the spur of the moment and need a sofa bed, pick from our collection and your guests could be sleeping on it by tomorrow night!


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