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Two Seater Sofa Beds

Space Saving Solutions

Relax in comfort on a beautiful two seater sofa bed, a perfect space saving solution that allows you to put up friends and family guests without the need for an extra bedroom!

2 seater sofabeds are the most popular choice as it allows 2 people to sleep/sit comfortably without taking up too much room in the house. Most people now use a sofa bed as their main sofa as advancements in design and technology mean there is little compromise on comfort from a regular sofa and the level of choice allows you to match it to your current decor.

How Do Sofa Beds Work?

Sofa beds use either a lever system to allow the main bed to fold out beneath the sofa cushions and extend into the room, the other more simple method is the click-clack system which with the pull of a lever lowers the back rest of the sofa so it becomes level with the seating area, the cushions on the sofa are then utilised as the sleeping surface.

Sofa Bed Mattresses

Sofa bed mattresses now come in a selection of comfort and support qualities which will be dependent on the frequency of use the sofa bed will receive. For limited use a simple and cost effective foam mattress would be the best choice where as if the sofabed will be used regularly it is advised to go for a higher quality mattress like a pocket spring or memory foam which will provide better support for long term use.

Two Seater Sofa Bed Payment Options

Why not take advantage of Bedstar’sfinance options to spread the payments over a period of time and with our wide range of in stock sofabeds you could have it delivered as soon as tomorrow. 


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