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Rest Your Head: Choosing The Right Pillow

Rest Your Head: Choosing The Right Pillow

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Posted: Sep 16, 2015 12:42
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Synopsis: Sure, youíve got the right mattress, the right duvet, even the right colour bed sheets, but thereís one thing youíve forgotten, thatís your pillow

Sure, you’ve got the right mattress, the right duvet, even the right colour bed sheets, but there’s one thing you’ve forgotten, that’s your pillow. If your pillow isn’t right, it’s will be just as uncomfortable as a lumpy mattress or a duvet that’s too thick. That’s why we’re going to help you out, because at the end of the day, if you’re not sleeping well, we’ll feel a little bit guilty.


Take a look at our guide below which will help you find your perfect pillow.


Firstly, how do you sleep?


Try to think how you sleep, do you prefer to sleep on your side, on your back or on your belly. Your pillow needs to reflect how you sleep.

-          If you sleep on your belly then you should choose a softer pillow

-          If you sleep on your side choose a medium to high thickness pillow

-          if you sleep on your back then choose a medium thickness pillow

-          If you sleep on all three then choose a medium pillow


For a softer pillow you should look to purchase either a down pillow or a low-fill synthetic pillow. If you require a medium to thick pillow, look at buying a high fill pillow or a memory foam pillow (yes, you can even get memory foam pillows).


Do you have any sleeping problems?


Yes, there are even pillows specially designed for people with sleeping issues. They range from anti-snoring to spine-aligning pillows. If you do, search out a specialist pillow.


Are you allergic to anything?


If you don’t, go ahead and purchase any old pillow. If you do, try to purchase a pillow with synthetic fillings. If you’re highly sensitive to various allergens then you should look to purchase a hypo-allergenic synthetic pillow.


How much are you looking to spend?


If you want to keep costs down go for a synthetic pillow, which you pick up for around £20. You can go further and purchase a pillow that it top-end, such as a down-pillow or a memory foam pillow, these will cost up to £60. Anything more than that and you’re looking at high quality, potentially overpriced pillows. The general rule with pillows is the more you spend the more you’ll get.


Why don’t you take a look at our great range of pillows when you’ve made up your mind? Honestly, you’ll feel the difference with a pillow suited for you.


Happy sleeping!

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