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Small Double Bed Frames

A small double bed frame is ideal when space is at a premium and a standard double size is too big. A small double is 15cm narrower and can make a room look bigger as its still perceived as a double size bed.

Lots of styles and colours available for next day delivery.


Small Double Bed Frames

Compact And Snug Double Bed Frames

If space is at a premium or you just looking to upgrade from a single bed, then a small double bed frame might be the ideal solution. A small double bed frame can give the impression of a larger bed which in turn can make a small room look bigger.

How Big Are Small Double Beds?

A large variety of our small double beds start at 4ft in width, which means you wont struggle finding space for these compact beds in your bedroom.

All of our small double bed FRAMES are at least 6ft long which is perfect for the majority of people. Small doubles save space by reducing the width of the bed, so if youre a couple you might be better off looking at our amazing range of double bed frames.

Who Are Small Double Beds Made for?

Small double beds are also perfect for when children who have outgrown their single bed and need something slightly bigger and are great for teenagers who want a new bed to fit in with their latest bedroom design choices!

Our small double bed frames can accommodate a variety of mattresses which rest upon a sprung slatted base. This type of base system offers more support to the mattress and works in unison to provide the most optimum feel for the sleeper.

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