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Bedroom Drawers

Wide selection of Chests of Drawers on Bedstar at Discount Prices

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Bedroom Drawers

Bedroom drawers come in all shapes, designs and sizes. A perfect addition to a bedroom if you are lacking storage space and the wardrobes doors are bursting at the seams! With the wide range available at Bedstar, there is a set of drawers for any space in your home. Tall thin drawers, often called a Tallboy, are popular for recessed spaces that otherwise would go to waste. Tallboys usually consist of seven drawers andcome up to chest height.

Combination drawers are also very popular and will come in an array of drawer configurations, usually with two half drawers at the top. These will be named appropriately, so a five + two drawer will have five large drawers and two half drawers for storage.

All of our drawers are builtfrom wood, and come in many different styles and finishes. Pine drawers are a popular choice as they are stylish, robust and prices can range from cheap to extravagant. Oak drawers on the other hand offer a timeless style with sturdy construction.

For young children, teenagers and adults, there’s something for everybody at Bedstar.co.uk

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