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Breasley are the leading manufacturers of vacuum packed mattresses in the UK. Constant innovation and high standards of quality have given this company a reputable position in the mattress industry. Breasley mattresses now in stock for next day delivery.

2000 Pocket Springs Med/Soft Memory Foam Breasley Uno Pocket Memory 2000  Mattress

2000 Pocket Springs Med/Firm Breasley Uno Tranquil 2000  Mattress


Who are they?

Alan Crowshaw and Peter Walker were the founders of Breasley, way back in 1973 and they are still going strong. Yep, 43 years later, with over 250 employees working in two different factories and Breasley are one of the most recognisable brands out there when it comes to providing mattresses and pillows. You can find some of their excellent foam mattresses and pillows here at bedstar.co.uk.

All ages, all styles

The foam mattresses on offer will suit people of all ages and all different needs and demands when it comes to sleeping. If you struggle with your back then the Breasley Posture form is the ideal solution for you.

Continuing to deliver

Despite their quality reputation, Breasley will still look for ways to improve and their latest offering is the Evolution mattress. Containing memory foam, resilient foam and a manufactured middle section, it results in a luxuriously soft middle section.

Experience the Coolmax cover

Every mattress that you buy with Breasley includes a Coolmax cover. They create a cooling effect on the fabric by moving moisture from the body allowing for more evaporation. Very modern! They will also control the humidity and dry quickly to ensure that when you are asleep you will stay fresh. Given this, it’s unsurprising to know that Coolmax are a specialist in sports clothing too.

As well as that, every mattress that is purchased through Breasley will come with a five-year guarantee – they’re that confident of their product! What’s more, they will suit any type of bed frame and a divan bed. In terms of setting up your mattress, they will be vacuum packed and will return to shape within two hours of you unpacking it. Simple.

The technology that goes into the mattresses may also astound you. The memory foam can help reduce pressure points, and promoted good blood circulation – everything is covered here. Out last technology is used and they reduce temperature swings and allows you to sleep at the optimum temperature. So, relax, everything will be aiding you to get a perfect night’s rest.