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Bunk Beds

Children’s Bunk Beds – Living The High Life

If you find yourself in a situation where the kids are outnumbering the bedrooms, then a bunk bed is the ideal solution. Simple in its design, it’s essentially two single beds, with one bed securely bolted on top of the other with a ladder allowing access to the top bed. It really is a mini play-park and the only worry you’ll have is who gets to have the top bunk.

The beauty of its design is that with just a twist of a spanner, the top and bottom beds can be separated and used separately if required. The bunk bed is the perfect invention if you want multiple beds in the same room but still have enough space for that all important Xbox!

Wooden and Metal Bunk Bed Frames

Usually constructed from wood or metal, not only do they offer a solid and safety conscious structure, but they can be adapted through many different colour schemes (from black to white and pink to blue) and designs to fit with the theme of the room. Our wooden bunk bed selection comes in a range of woods from pine to maple and a selection of colours, with white being very popular this year. Our metal bunks also come in a selection of colours and are all solidly built to last.

Safety Comes First At Bedstar

For safety reasons, these beds have an extra rail that runs around the perimeter of the top bunk to ensure maximum safety. Any mattress placed on the top bunk must have a depth no higher than 18cm, as exceeding this height can impact on the safety of the rail. Other safety features include anti slip pads on the ladder. For those who are looking for the versatile mid-sleeper beds, where work stations and extra storage are underneath the bed, we also stock a wide range of products with some fantastic themes, perfect for boys and girls looking to feel like now have a more grown up bedroom.

Step Up To The Triple Sleeper Bunks

One of Bedstar’s most popular designs are the metal and wooden triple sleeper bunks, which allow for a double bed on the lower part of the bunk. These are ideal for sleepovers, or mums and dads sharing the same room with the kids.

The UK’s Favourite Sleeping Arrangement

The Bedstar bunk bed range is ideal for two point four children families in the UK. So, if you have teenagers who regularly have friends or guests staying over, be it family or exchange students, then the bunk bed is the modern family’s choice for space saving, comfort enhancing and stylish living in 2015-2016. Shop now, or simply browser our exclusive range, only at Bedstar.co.uk


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