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Futon Bunk

The futon bunk turns any room into a modern day hub, combining the classic bunk bed with the Japanese influenced futon bed at the bottom.

The top bunk allows a great night’s sleep whilst the futon is great for relaxing on throughout the day. If you have guests over at night you can turn the futon into a great place to sleep, allowing your guests to sleep in comfort.

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Futon Bunk

What Are Futon Bunks Made From?

All of our futon bunks are made from metal which makes them strong and incredibly durable. If you have children and you want to be sure their bed is safe, then you should purchase a futon bunk with a metal frame.

Each of our futon bunk beds contains an easy-climb, non-slip ladder, which makes traversing the futon bunk incredibly simple. This is great for young children and adults, creating a safe sleeping environment.

Take a look at our range of futon bunks below and if you need any more information please feel free to contact us.

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