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Bunk Beds

A beautiful selection of Children's bunk beds available in wood and metal finishes and a selection of sizes including double and single. An Ideal solution when the kids start outnumbering the bedrooms, Most bunks have the option of splitting into two separate beds if required. Mattress bundle options available with 20% sale discounts.

Solid Slats Hard Wood In Stock Flintshire Billie  Wooden Bunk Bed - White

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Sprung Slatted Oak In Stock Naples 527  Bunk Bed With Pull Out Trundle

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Sprung Slatted Hard Wood In Stock The Naples Bed Company 518-BB Bunk Bed  Wooden Bunk Bed

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Multi-storey sleeping for your loved ones

Sometimes in life, we end up with more children than we do in rooms. Unexpected triplets that have grown up too fast and now need their own beds. Downsizing your home is a thing, but you can’t downsize your kids! So you need to consider bunk beds as an alternative to your room-related issue.

Bunk beds are essentially two beds in one, with one bed bolted above the other, accessible via the ladder down the side. For you, it’ll save you bags of space, but for your children, it’s their own little playpark, with the only issue arising will be who gets the top bunk! And when they don’t want bunk beds anymore, grab your spanner and split them into two single beds – which leaves more cash for the important things like a PlayStation 4!

Check out our great range of wooden and metal bedframes

Constructed generally from metal or wood, not only are they safe and secure, but there’s also the potential to jazz up the style – from modern-looking black bunk-beds to pink, white and blue designs – to fit the style of your room perfectly.

From pine to maple woods, our bunk beds are available in a variety of materials. Bedstar also has one of the largest selections of colours, with white the season's color so far. Furthermore, our range metal bunk beds are also customisable, and you can be reassured by the fact that all of our beds are built to last.

Safety is always first with all of our products

Our bunk beds come with an extra rail that runs around the side of the top bunk, which ensures your children will sleep safe and sound. All mattresses placed on the top bunk must be 18cm deep – any higher, and the safety rail becomes redundant. Ensuring that your children can climb the ladder safely, you can use anti-slip pads for extra safety.

Those looking to combine a workstation instead of the bottom bunk should look at mid-sleeper beds, perfect for those looking for extra storage. Whether you’ve got a darling princess or a boisterous lad, our themes work for both genders.

Two’s company, and three’s no problem at all

One of the most popular designs at Bedstar is triple sleeper bunks, which combine a double bed at the bottom with a smaller bed at the top. These are perfect for sleepovers or mums and dads who share a room with their kids.

The number one sleeping arrangement in the UK

Bedstar’s bunk bed range is perfect for two point four children families that reside in the UK. Whether you’ve got family, friends, or even exchange students staying over regularly, or you’re just looking to save space, shop now and save space – or browse our exclusive range of children's beds.