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Giltedge Beds

Giltedge Beds manufacture some of the best beds and mattresses on the market. Giltedge have an enviable reputation of supplying quality products for amazing prices. Their mission statement is simple: to produce high quality products which offer premium value for money. By placing a lot of time and care into the manufacturing process they are able to craft goods which are accessible with any budget.

High Quality Headboards At Amazing Prices

Giltedge Beds specialise in gorgeous traditional and contemporary headboards which come in a variety of fashions. From diamond embedded black fabric headboards to white faux leather headboards, from prices as low as £65; spring your bedroom into 2016 with a great quality headboard from Giltedge.

Superb Value Mattresses

Giltedge craft mattresses with a range of support systems from open coil spring to reflex foam. Open coil springs offer great support while also providing amazing comfort - if you need a great value, high quality mattress, then a Giltedge open-coil mattress is perfect for you.

If you need a mattress that sinks around your body then a reflex foam mattress is your perfect solution. The great quality equivalent to memory foamretains its original shape quicker than a memory foam mattress. Take a look below to view Giltedge’s range of brilliant products.


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