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Grey Beds

From almost off-white to dark inky shades, grey can be used to create a variety of very different moods in the bedroom. The huge range of shades of grey ensures this colour can lend itself to any décor style, from restful and serene to moody and Gothic, and forget any thoughts of grey being a cool or dreary colour. By bringing in different textures, layers and accent tones, as well as choosing the perfect shade for your space, you can ensure that whatever look you opt for, your bedroom will always feels warm and welcoming.

Sprung Slatted Fabric In Stock The Naples Bed Company 3090 4 Drawer  Fabric Bed  - Stone

Sprung Slatted Fabric More Colours Sweet Dreams Adore  Fabric Bed
Sweet Dreams

Sprung Slatted Fabric Birlea Mayfair 4 Drawer  Fabric Bed

Platform Top Fabric Kaydian Design Allendale  Ottoman Bed - Velvet Plume
Kaydian Design

Sprung Slatted Fabric More Colours Sweet Dreams Freya  Fabric Bed
Sweet Dreams

Platform Top Fabric Birlea Castello  Ottoman Bed

Platform Top Fabric Birlea Castello  Ottoman Bed

Fabric Kaydian Design Chilton  Ottoman Bed
Kaydian Design

Sprung Slatted Fabric Flair Juliet  Ottoman TV Bed
Flair Furnishings

Platform Top Fabric Kaydian Design Titan  TV Bed
Kaydian Design

How Grey Beds can fit into your room

Grey has become an increasingly popular colour choice for various furniture items over recent years, particularly the grey bed. The neutral look, combined with many different shades ensures our collection fits effortlessly into your bedroom.

Despite being considered something of an uninspiring colour in the past, this dynamic colour is now fully appreciated when it comes to choosing a stylish design for your room. And, as mentioned, with a strong difference between the light and dark shades, it allows you the freedom to choose the perfect colour bed for your bedroom.

Whether your room is adorned with vivid colours, rugs, tables or different furniture items, Bedstar’s range will fit in effortlessly with any colour scheme. Plus, if you favour a minimalistic approach, this revolutionary colour is ideal for you – stylish and modern, yet not domineering. Essentially, our beds can be used for any style room, which is why they have quickly grown in popularity.

Bedstar’s new and amazing range

Given that, you’d be foolish not to consider a new grey bed, and with Bedstar you can choose from our excellent range. Whether you are looking for a single, double or king size bed, our grand variety of sizes allows you to take advantage of the modern black-bed equivalent – regardless of space.

As well as that, we know that space can be hard to find, so why not opt for beds with drawers and extra storage space? So, not only do they enhance the room’s appearance, but they are practical and very useful in numerous ways.

Furthermore, we have a variety of products available:

  1. Contemporary metal bedsteads available with a slick finish
  2. A range of children’s beds that have variations of colour in their design
  3. Luxurious leather beds
  4. Ottoman storage beds which ensure you get that extra space you desire

This demonstrates our extensive range and shows that we have options for all ages. So, be sure to check out all Bedstar’s fashionable grey beds and see how well they fit into your room.