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Guest Beds

Guest Beds –The Single Bed Extension

If you have guests coming over to stay and you’re getting stressed about limited space, then a guest bed may be the perfect answer. The main benefits of a standard guest bed, as opposed to a sofa bed, are that it allows for a separate bed to be stored directly under the main bed, which can easily be pulled out when required and hidden away when it's not! How many sleepovers have your children had when this would’ve been perfect?

How Guest Beds Work

The pull-out section usually comes on sprung loaded legs, which will easily raise the guest bed up to the same height of the main bed. With both the same height, it gives several options as to whether they are used separately or pushed together to create a twin sleeping area.

The most popular guest beds at Bedstar are manufactured in either wooden or metal, with both offering a range of styles and colours to suit most bedroom designs. These are perfect for adults simply wanting a pillow to rest their head on for the night, or teenagers who no longer want a bunk bed in their room when they friends come to stay.

The Difference Between Guest Beds and Folding Ones

Other types of guest beds include folding beds, which can fold in half when they’re not in use and are simple to store them away.

Trundle beds are simple platform bases that sit low to the ground and have small wheels that allow them to easily be manoeuvred around. Ideally trundle beds were invented to sit underneath standard bed frames and therefore come complete with a low profile mattress.

Trust Bedstar To Deliver Your New Guest Bed Tomorrow!

No need to panic if you have unexpected guests staying this weekend! Bedstar have a large range of guest beds in stock for immediate next day UK delivery.


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