How to prepare for your delivery

So its delivery day and the couriers are on their way to drop off your new bed or mattress. Below are a few helpful suggestions to make sure the delivery goes without a hitch!

1. Make sure there is plenty of access to reach your property

Sounds like a simple request but due to the courier’s vans been larger than an average transit van and in most cases wider, it can sometimes cause access issues.

Bedstar delivery check the access road

We suggest checking your access on the day of delivery to make sure no cars or temporary roadworks are blocking the access to your property and the access is sufficiently wide enough to accept a large van or truck safely.

If you feel that access could be an issue please contact us immediately so we can make alternative arrangements or pass a message onto the couriers to instruct them where to park.

2. Check your driveway/path access to the property

When carrying large products, the couriers need plenty of access to get to your door. If parking a car on the drive leaves limited space we suggest moving it temporarily prior to the couriers arrival and make sure any paths are free of clutter that may restrict the courier’s movement.

Bedstar delivery Can we get into the property

3. Use extra protection for your flooring

If the couriers are delivering to a specific room and need to enter the property then we suggest adding an extra cover to your floor in the way of dust sheets or newspapers, creating a path to the desired location.

Although the couriers will take every precaution not to soil your flooring, this can sometimes be difficult, especially in wetter weather, so an extra barrier of protection that can easily be washed or thrown away is the ideal solution.

Bedstar delivery place dust sheets on the floor

4. Remove any items that could get damaged in the process of the delivery

The type of products we normally deliver are big and bulky and sometimes need to be handled around tight spaces.

We would suggest prior to the couriers arriving walk through the space in your property where the item is going to be manoeuvred and remove any objects hanging on the wall or items on the floor that could come into contact with the delivered item.

Bedstar delivery remove items that could get damaged

5. Keep your phone close by

Our 2 man courier service will contact you via phone 30 – 60 minutes prior to arriving at your property. This is to ensure you have ample time to prepare for the delivery and have somebody available to accept the delivery at the property.

6. Allow sufficient time to accept the delivery

The couriers will advise on a 3 hour delivery window for your item to be delivered in. We would advise to allow at least an hour either side of this time slot to make arrangements for the property to be occupied. Traffic and weather conditions can sometimes effect the desired delivery window causing unexpected delays.

Although a high percentage of deliveries are made in the advised slot be prepared to accept delivery outside of the given delivery window.