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Adjustable Mattresses

These mattresses specifically designed and built for electric adjustable beds. If you have an adjustable bed and require a replacement mattress, shown below are a range of highly comfortable and supportive mattresses from Sleepeezee adjustable range, perfectly suited to work on an adjustable frame.

1000 Pocket Springs Medium Sleepeezee Pocket  Adjustable Mattress
Sleepeezee Beds

1000 Pocket Springs Med/Firm Sleepeezee Gel Comfort 1000  Adjustable Mattress
Sleepeezee Beds

1000 Pocket Springs Med/Firm Sleepeezee Cooler Comfort  Adjustable Mattress
Sleepeezee Beds

1000 Pocket Springs Medium Latex Foam Sleepeezee Latex 1000  Adjustable Mattress
Sleepeezee Beds


What Mattresses Are Suitable For Adjustable Beds

Most mattresses can be placed onto an adjustable base, ideally a mattress that can flex would be best so memory foam or inner springs would be the ideal solution as added pressure on the mattress can cause a shortened life span.

Benefits Of An Adjustable Mattress?

The Main benefits of adjustable mattresses are increased comfort and increased health improvements. Having a mattress that can be adjusted to your exact requirements will also help to improve posture and reduce back pain as the support will be centred of the areas of the body that need it most. Getting the right alignment while you sleep can help circulation, improve breathing and digestion and is ideal for people that have mobility issues as the adjustable bed settings will help to increase your independence.

How long does an adjustable mattress last?

The amount of time adjustable mattress last depend on a number of factors, such as how often they are used, whether it's a couple's bed or a single, the quality of the mattress. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average mattress has a life expectancy of nine to ten years.

Adjustable Mattresses for Quick Delivery

Bedstar supply a range of adjustable mattresses for quick delivery from Amazing brands like Sleepeezee and Giltedge beds. We offer timed delivery slots and an old mattress removal service for complete convenience.