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Commonly known as rebound or reflex foam this supportive type of filling offers an ideal alternative to inner spring mattresses. Totally hypoallergenic and dust mite free. Foam mattresses often make up part of a hybrid mattress with other quality fillings.

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Silentnight Classic Miracoil Memory  Mattress
Med/Firm Miracoil Springs Memory Foam

Giltedge Beds Flex Fusion  Mattress
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The NASA invention that has changed the way we sleep!

The foam that we now call ‘memory foam’ was originally developed by the NASA space team back in the 1970s. The foam, which was originally invented to improve seat cushions and provide reinforced crash protection has now been used to create a large number of mattresses and pillows up around the world. It has resulted in a sleeping revolution and one that has the backs of the elderly, infirm and restless for decades.

This creation went on to be the memory foam mattress that we all know and love; the mattress that has gone on to revolutionise the way we sleep. The mattress that is now the number one choice in Britain.

Reflex foam - good alternative to memory foam mattresses

Reflex foam, which are the mattresses you will find below, are the most cost-effective alternative to regular memory foam mattresses. Reflex foam mattresses are generally a lot less expensive while offering the same amount of support. If you are looking for complete orthopaedic support on a budget, then bedstar.co.uk’s collection of reflex foam mattresses are perfect for you.

For some, memory foam mattresses are just too expensive, and here at Bedstar, we understand your pain. Poor mattress quality is the leading cause of back pain and if you’re looking to alleviate this pain then a reflex foam mattress can help spread your body weight across the whole of the bed. Reflex foam – like memory foam – sinks around your frame via your body temperature. If you’re looking for a stress-free, tailored sleeping experience then take a look at our amazing collection below.