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Single mattresses are a popular choice for adults and children alike, ideal for smaller bedrooms or a guest bedroom, a single mattress still offers all of the comfort and support requirements needed. A standard UK size for a single mattress is 90cm x 190cm and will perfectly fit any bed frame or divan base of the same size. Bedstar keep a large range of 3FT mattresses in stock including pocket spring and memory foam models and can offer a next day delivery if required.

Sleepeezee Perfectly British Regent 2600  Mattress
Stock 2600 Pocket Springs Medium Natural Fillings
Sleepeezee Beds

Sleepeezee Jessica Plush 2200 Pillowtop  Mattress
Stock 2200 Pocket Springs Medium
Sleepeezee Beds

Millbrook Beds Lavish 6000  Mattress
Stock 6000 Pocket Springs Medium
Millbrook Beds

Sleepeezee G3 Memory  Mattress
3200 Pocket Springs Medium Memory Foam
Sleepeezee Beds

Sleepeezee Pocket Gel Poise Plus  Mattress
Stock 3200 Pocket Springs Medium Memory Gel
Sleepeezee Beds

Silentnight Geltex 3000 Affluent  Mattress
3000 Pocket Springs Medium Memory Gel

Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200  Mattress
Stock 3200 Pocket Springs Medium Natural Fillings
Sleepeezee Beds

Sleepeezee G4 Memory  Mattress
4200 Pocket Springs Med/Soft Memory Foam
Sleepeezee Beds

Giltedge Beds Royal 3000 Pillowtop  Mattress
3000 Pocket Springs Medium Natural Fillings
Giltedge Next Day

Giltedge Beds Royal 7000  Mattress
7000 Pocket Springs Med/Firm Natural Fillings
Giltedge Next Day

Great for Guest Rooms

Most guest bedrooms tend to be the smallest bedroom in the property, it makes sense really! as this room may only be used a few times a year so you want to utilise your daily living space as much as possible. A single mattress can be an ideal solution here as they don't take up too much space and the worst thing you can do is overcrowd a room with a bed or mattress as it ends up making the room look even smaller.

Great For Kids

A single mattress is the perfect next step for small children coming out of a cot or starter bed. Most budget level single mattresses have enough support to keep a child comfortable and most children will have a single bed well into their teen years. A single mattress and divan base are the most popular choice as they are robust and strong and offer storage solutions to keep all those toys at bay!

From budget To Luxury

Like with all other sizes single mattresses are manufactured in levels of support and comfort. From budget models with open coil springs to more luxurious models that can include pocket springs, memory gel and natural fillings.

Single Mattress Measurements

TYPE: 3FT Single Mattress
CM: 90cm x 190cm
INCHES: 35.4 x 74.8
FEET: 3`0 x 6'3

Delivered Next Day

Get your single mattress delivered next day with a choice of delivery slots available at the checkout. We can also offer a removal of your old mattress at the same time and have it recycled for you.