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Small Double Mattresses

A 4FT small double mattress measures 120cm in width and 190cm in length. A perfect solution if a traditional double mattress takes up too much room in your bedroom and you would like to free up some space. Choose from a hand picked range of small double mattresses from the best UK brands and take advantage of sale prices with up to 60% off pocket spring , memory foam and standard sprung mattresses

2600 Pocket Springs Medium Natural Fillings Sleepeezee Perfectly British Regent 2600  Mattress
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3200 Pocket Springs Medium Memory Foam Sleepeezee G3 Memory  Mattress
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3200 Pocket Springs Medium Natural Fillings In Stock Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200  Mattress
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4200 Pocket Springs Med/Soft Memory Foam In Stock Sleepeezee G4 Memory  Mattress
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Is a Small Double Mattress The Ideal Compromise?

With room sizes getting smaller by the year, many people are having to compromise with the size of bed they can install in a room without it looking overcrowded. This type of dilemma has seen the growth of the small double size. A small double mattresses is slightly narrower than a double but still allows enough space for a couple sharing or ample room for a single sleeper. Small double mattresses are also the perfect choice for children or teens looking for more space than a single mattress has to offer.

4'0 FT, Queen, Small Double or Three Quarter Size?

Confused! This particular sized mattress does seem to go by quite a few different names so as reassurance were advising it is the same product! Some people refer to the size in imperial measurements so the mattress is classed as a 4FT. A small double size is referred to as its classed as a double mattress but slightly smaller hence a small double or "three quarters" of a double size. the "Queen" terminology comes from America when someone is looking for a mattress not quite as big as a king size. In the UK we have adapted this size as a small double

Small Double Mattress Reviews

To help you make an informed decision when choosing a small double mattress, we actively show reviews from previous customers that are both positive and negative. We publish reviews on how a mattress has preformed over time, whether it offering the right comfort and support and most importantly did the user get a good nights sleep!

Small Double Mattress Measurements

NAME: 4FT Small Double Mattress
CM: 120cm x 190cm
INCHES: 47 x 74.8
FEET: 4`0 x 6'3

Small Double Mattresses Next Day Delivery

We have small double mattresses available for next day delivery if required. Our small double mattress range is hand picked from the very best brands including Giltedge, Sleepeezee and Sealy so quality is guaranteed. We also offer timed delivery slots and an old mattress removal service to make your new mattress order as convenient as possible.