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With the return of good craftsmanship growing, the demand for true quality is becoming more popular. Millbrook beds are traditionally upholstered using only the finest natural fillings. By using natural fillings such as British wool, silk, pashmina, cashgora and cotton in our mattresses, Millbrook create a mattress which is truly sumptuous and luxurious. From the hand-nesting of individual pocketed springs, to natural upholstery of sumptuous pashmina, soft silk and pure new lambs wool – every stage in the making of Millbrook beds must meet their exacting standards of timeless quality.

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Millbrook Beds
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Millbrook - founded in 1904

Only the finest natural fillings are used in Millbrook mattresses, including cashmere, mohair and lamb’s wool, all ensuring they are comfortable and offer breathable freshness. These fillings are hand teased to provide an even consistency across the entire mattress and guarantee a comfort level from head to toe.

Millbrook Beds - Luxury At Its Finest

Millbrook Beds are synonymous with luxury, comfort and style. All of their beds are crafted with the utmost highest quality materials. Millbrook have risen to become one of the finest bed makers in the country, with a growing base of customers including important figures such as Queen Elizabeth and former Prime Ministers - even crafting the iconic No. 10 door. It is no surprise then that they are one of Bedstar’s leading brands. Here at we are proud to stock their amazing range of products.

Comfort Beyond Anything Else

Millbrook specialise in high quality pocket sprung mattresses. Each Millbrook mattress spring is individually placed into cotton pockets to create a spring system that supports the body where it’s needed most. There can be up to 5,000 springs encased, all providing the ultimate in pressure support. The sides of the mattress are hand-stitched by master craftsmen, helping to extend the life its life and cementing the fine eye for detail all Millbrook products are subjected to.