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Millbrook Divan Beds

For a limited time only we are delighted to offer a further 10% discount on all Millbrook beds and mattresses. Please enter the discount code 'millbrook10' at the checkout stage of ordering to receive the discount.

The fillings used in all Millbrook mattresses are second to none with the finest Cashmere, lambs wool and silk used to compliment the supportive spring system and give a luxurious feel.


Millbrook Divan Beds

Millbrook divan beds are renowned for luxury and the high quality materials built by master craftsmen. Millbrook beds specialise in pocketsprung divan beds and were one of the first companies to achieve accreditation for international quality management systems.

Millbrook divan beds come in all UK standard sizes including single, double and king size. The divan bases offer fully zoned spring systems. This type of system incorporates two levels of support with a firmer spring surrounding the perimeter of the base to limit roll off and create a supportive foundation for the mattress.

Each Millbrook divan bed has pocket springs at the heart of the mattress. Pocket springs offer individual support throughout the mattress with each spring been sewn into its own individual pocket, isolating it from the neighbouring spring. This type of system makes sure you get the right support where you need it most and tailors itself to the user of the bed.

The popularity of Millbrook divan beds is driven by the attention to detail, each millbrook mattress is hand side stitched with needles and twine by senior craftsmen to ensure the pocket springs are held securely in place and extending the sleeping area right to the very edge of the mattress.

All Millbrook divan beds come with a full warranty to ensure against any types of default that may occur.

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