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Relyon Beds

Renowned for their sumptuous comfort and luxurious support, a Relyon bed maintains its position as one of the best beds in the world. Take advantage of our special Relyon promotion and receive an extra 10% off at checkout on any product by using the following discount code: relyon10


Relyon Beds

Get 10% Off!

Firstly, you will be pleased to know that if you enter the code ‘relyon10’ at the checkout you will get 10% off on all Relyon beds and mattresses.

Going strong since 1858

Relyon has been established since 1858 and is now one of the premier companies for manufacturing divan beds, mattresses, vacuum packed mattresses, bedsteads, bedroom furniture and headboards. Yep, you can find all of those products when you look with Relyon and of course, only the best goes into making a Relyon product.

They specifically choose what will go into each product and if you take their mattresses, for example, they will mix up the materials to ensure maximum comfort. With their beds, you will find a range of spring systems and counts that will give you different feelings and shows their variety.

High quality!

As mentioned, Relyon offers a variety of beds that will appeal to your needs, whether you have a bad back or want plenty of space to roll over. The Relyon divan base sees many stages made by hand in order to give it a real quality finish and shows how far they will go to achieve the perfect product.

You will also find elegant headboards that will add a touch of class to your bedroom.

Given the specific nature of the products, you will need to order your product and it can take up to six weeks for delivery, but it will be worth the wait and every detail will be as you desire.

All of the specific work and high-quality materials is what has made Relyon one of the leading names in the industry, and you can get everything to your taste.

Check out bedstar.co.uk for all of the Relyon beds, as we’ve been offering Relyon beds for 20 years, and the cost may surprise you!

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