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Relyon Divan Beds

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Relyon Divan Beds

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to most people, and our collection of Relyon divan ensure you’ll get your full eight hours every night. With a grand range of different beds available, and a precise manufacturing process that results in some of the highest quality products on the market, Relyon are truly market leaders in their field.

Each listing contains everything you need to know about the product in hand, detailing the internal support system – whether it’s a pocket spring or open-coil support system, along with the mattress depth, fillings and the firmness. With our detailed reviews we’re confident you’ll find a Relyon divan bed that will suit your own exact requirements.

A focus on quality over quantity

With Relyon a large section of the manufacturing process is done by hand to ensure every mattress and bed produced is of the highest quality. The side wall of each bed is hand-stitched to ensure the pocket springs and fillings are held firmly in place.

Every divan bed will have a collection of pocket spring at the centre of the mattress, resulting in complete support across the whole mattress. Pocket springs work with neighbouring springs to offer the exact support where you need it most – providing the most comfortable night’s sleep.

The mattress fillings are selected with luxury in mind, using materials such as lambswool, cashmere horse hair and silk. Fillings are also hand teased, ensuring the correct depths are added to provide ultimate comfort. Ultimately, these fillings enhance the appearance of the bed and can fit into a variety of different bedrooms – from modern, to contemporary.

Such a specific process means the divan beds are the perfect addition to your bedroom. Each bed comes with its own supportive base unit, which maintains rigidity and provides complete support. Need extra storage? Add an extra storage unit within the base, which will include the option to add two drawers. Looking to utilise the maximum amount of space in your room? Then an ottoman storage unit can be added for a fee on a range of selected beds.

Personalisation is key to the perfect room and one way you can add your own little touch is by changing the colour of the base. This applies to certain beds only, along with the chance to add a headboard if necessary. On this page can see the full range of Relyon divan beds here at With prices starting from £545, you can have a great-value divan bed delivered to your door within four weeks, as beds are currently made to order.

When you purchase one of our Relyon divan beds you will get the opportunity to take out one of our financial packages. This will allow you to spread the payments over the year – allowing you to sleep safe at night straight away.

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