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Sareer use revolutionary technology to roll and vacuum pack their mattresses for ease of transport. This refreshing range of mattresses offers excellent support and comfort options at very affordable prices. In stock now for next day delivery.


Sareer are a company that boast over 30 years of experience, so we think it’s safe to say that they’ve set out to do what they desired. That was to give their valued customers all the means to have a sound night’s sleep. Yet, despite their experience, they continue to evolve and offer high quality products. That was evident with the memory gel mattress and that’s an example of how they try and stay on top of the market with their range of mattresses.

A lot of variation

As mentioned, memory gel was a ground-breaking product in the industry, providing you with great comfort and allowing you to relax from the moment you lie down. That’s because they designed a specific soft material as the top layer and then the gel would mould around your body when you were in position. The perfect combo. Yet, while gel may not sound too appealing to be sleeping on, once you’ve checked thee out you will realise that you still get the same support that you would from any other bed – so nothing is compromised. You can check out the full range at bedstar.co.uk.

The memory gel was an alternative to memory foam mattresses, and if you wanted the more traditional option then Sareer will still have those on offer, so you have many choices when it comes to picking what you want.