6 Simple Ways To Bring Luxury To Your Bedroom

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6 Simple Ways To Bring Luxury To Your Bedroom

Luxury in bedrooms is all about statement pieces and colour. Your bed, artwork, furniture style, and décor convey luxury and character, while your colour scheme ties things together, creating design cohesion.

It’s simpler than you think – just the right bed frame can make an enormous difference to the luxury feel of your bedroom. The trick is to play with texture, lighting, and scale to create a glamorous and comfortable bedroom.

Here are six simple ways to bring luxury to your bedroom:

Upgrade to a fancy headboard

If your divan or ottoman bed looks tired, you can spruce it up with a new headboard that matches your interior design theme.

Headboards come in a near-unlimited range of styles and colours. For luxury, look at tufted headboards and diamond (quilted) headboards; these deliver a sense of depth and class to transform your bedroom into a luxury escape.

Here are a few ideas:

6 Simple Ways To Bring Luxury To Your Bedroom. Giltedge Beds Monte Carlo 4FT 6 Double Headboard - On Struts.
Pictured: Giltedge Beds Monte Carlo 4FT 6 Double Headboard – On Struts

Match the headboard to your base colour, and Bob’s your uncle!

Create a centrepiece with a sleigh bed.

Sleigh beds are the most luxurious, with a beautiful, rolled footboard and plush materials. For example, the Orb double fabric sleigh bed has a silvery velvet base and elegant scrolls that are fit for a king.

Sleigh beds are synonymous with style and comfort, adding a soft and cosy finishing touch to any bedroom. You can also get them with drawers or an ottoman base, letting you add luxury to your bedroom with extra storage.

Embrace a modern glam colour scheme. 

While any interior design style can be made luxurious with expensive furniture and décor, modern glam has luxury built into its core with a three-way colour scheme:

  • Metallic (gold or silver)
  • Neutral (black or white)
  • Accent colour (pink, baby blue, green, etc.)
6 Simple Ways To Bring Luxury To Your Bedroom.
Picture credit: Decoholic Glamorous Bedroom Ideas

For example, you could have white walls, a gold metallic wallpapered feature wall, and décor and furnishings in baby blue. This simple but practical interior design trick will make your bedroom look and feel luxurious.

Invest in beautiful lighting.

Whether you have a single ceiling light or spotlights, plenty of light fittings will make your bedroom more luxurious.

Our favourite ceiling lights are Sputnik chandeliers, pendant orb lights, and classic chandeliers. You can’t go wrong with any light fittings that scatter light in exciting ways, whether with glass, metal, or unique geometries.

6 Simple Ways To Bring Luxury To Your Bedroom. Ashleigh 9-Light Sputnik Chandelier, Available from Wayfair.
Pictured: Ashleigh 9-Light Sputnik Chandelier, Available from Wayfair

If you have individual spotlights, you can swap out the GU10 (or equivalent bulbs) with smart bulbs that change colour. Dimmer switches are another simple way to make lighting more interesting, letting you set your bedroom’s ambiance.

Create sensual luxury with textures.

Velvet, leather, brass, glass, and silvery décor all give off a sense of visual luxury, while knitted fabrics, soft bedding, and finely textured curtains have a sense of tactile luxury. You can combine these elements to create a sensual bedroom.

Textures are felt and seen, so playing with different textures is important, as well as balancing homeliness (comfort) and style. Lighting also influences how textures are perceived, with overhead lighting ideal for focal points.

Invest in dramatic, interesting artwork.

Most people have photos and décor on their walls, but these items don’t evoke a sense of luxury. Artwork that stands out be it through size, colour, or media, conveys a sense of class and introduces personality and character.

Bedroom with geometry wall panelling.
Pictured: Bedroom with geometry wall panelling.

A large painting from Picasso above your bed or several smaller prints that make up a larger image are great ways to give your bedroom luxury.

The great thing about art is there’s an artist for everyone. King & McGaw produces exceptional prints from famous artists, fully framed, or you can head over to Etsy and buy original art from new and upcoming artists.

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