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A Quick Survival Guide for People Who Have Just Bought Their First Property

Just stepped onto the property ladder?

Congratulations! We couldn’t be more thrilled for you!

Before you move in, however, we’d like to make you aware of certain tasks you should do and precautions you should take to move in comfortably and live happily ever after. From packing your things to organising your bedroom furniture and more, this is your survival guide to moving into your first home. 

Let’s begin.

Organise your packing and unpacking

One thing that’s never changed about packing is that it feels as if it will never end! That goes for unpacking, too. Instead of packing everything into boxes willy-nilly, it’s better to organise and label boxes clearly by the room in which you’ll be putting them. Then you can just carry each box into the right room, which can save you time, energy and maybe a little frustration, too.

When it comes to unpacking, set yourself some goals. Don’t be too ambitious. Aim to unpack just two or three boxes per day. If you get through them, you can always do a non-unpacking task, such as a little cleaning.

Plan where your furniture will go beforehand

Be strategic and plan beforehand where you want your furniture to go. Don’t tell the furniture removal people ‘Just plonk it down there’. You may have to lift it all and move it all around later. 

A bit of strategic planning will come in especially handy when it comes to transporting large items of furniture, such as bed frames, mattresses, sofas and other bulky items. It’s worth leaving bookcases, drawers etc until last so you have enough space to move and position conveniently the items that take up the most space first.

Think about improvements and renovations early on

Once you have the keys, you don’t necessarily have to move in the next day (depending on your living arrangements, of course). Take a good look around the property and think what you might want to change. The flooring, perhaps? A possible loft conversion? Maybe you want to redecorate the bedroom or merge two rooms into one?

The choice is yours, but whatever you do, consider carrying out these renovations before you move in. Again, this will make moving furniture into the new home much easier because you can just transport it when you’ve completed the renovation work. If you’ve not bought any furniture and want to furnish your home quickly, you could finance some of your purchases and start making the most of the furniture before you’ve paid for it all.

Arrange your utilities

You’ll have to organise your gas and/or electric provision and any other utilities, so look for the best deals to save some money while you get on your feet in the new home. What about internet service providers? Do they offer enough bandwidth to adequately service your home? You don’t want to settle down with some TV for the night only to find you can’t make the most of your Netflix account from wherever you are in the house.

Change the locks

This is a simple security measure. You don’t know who has a copy of the keys, so as soon as you get the keys arrange to change the locks. Your home is your castle and intruders most certainly aren’t welcome!

Familiarise yourself with your home systems

It always pays to check your home’s different systems. Don’t assume everything will be running perfectly when you move in. Check the boiler, the air conditioning and any fireplaces or chimneys to make sure they’re operating safely. 

Make sure you know, too, where the breakers are for the electricity and the shut-off valves are for the gas and water. It’s better to know where all these features are now than have to figure things out during an emergency.

Becoming a new homeowner for the first time is pretty exciting stuff and it’s easy to get so caught up in it all that you forget some of the precautions you should take. Keep in mind the tips above when you cross the threshold (and before) for a more straightforward move and the foundations for a happy home ownership.