How to Create Elegant Bedroom Décor with Art Deco Elements

Art Deco Bedroom Design Ideas.
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The Art Deco movement of the 1920s and ’30s was inspired by industrialism, technology, the Bauhaus, and its predecessor movement Art Nouveau.

It was borne in response to post-WW1 prosperity, influencing the design of buildings, jewellery, furniture, cars, and almost anything else you can name.

Today, Art Deco is one of the most popular décor styles. If you love it as much as we do, this article will explore creating elegant bedroom décor with Art Deco. Read on to create a dynamic bedroom that oozes quality and style.

Bold geometry

Art Deco is known for precise and clean lines, geometric shapes, and symmetrical decorations. You can use this geometry in your bedroom to create flow and style.

Another geometric style Art Deco is known for is Streamline Moderne, which emphasises curving forms and horizontal lines. Streamline Moderne came later in the Art Deco period, offering lavish ornamentation and bold colours.

Art Deco Bedroom

Art deco bedroom.
Source: Houzz – Art Deco Style Bedroom

Fancy headboard

The Art Deco movement made the bed the centrepiece of bedrooms, and there’s no better way to do this yourself than with a fancy headboard.

Look for a headboard with geometric patterns, clean lines, and plush cushioning. A diamond-quilted headboard is a good choice, or you can go for something lavish with straight lines to create a geometric flow.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Zodiac Headboard – Floor Standing, Available from Bedstar

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If there’s one quintessential thing about Art Deco style, it’s an ornamental or decorative mirror. We adore Art Deco mirrors because they are timeless centrepieces. They never go out of fashion and set the Art Deco theme for bedrooms.

Pictured: John Lewis Decorative Art Deco Fan Style Mirror

Fan-style mirrors, sunburst, and emerald-cut edge mirrors are beautiful choices, but our favourite is the interwoven rectangle mirror.

Metal bed

Metal beds became super-fashionable during the Art Deco because they were available in various ornamental styles. Wooden beds could only be carved and joined, while metal beds could be wrought, forged, and formed.

Art Deco metal beds have an ornamental headboard and footboard with curved shapes. A good example is the Julian Bowen Florence bed frame.

Art Deco Style Bed.
Pictured: Birlea Montana Metal Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar

Art Deco colours

Art Deco colour schemes had two contrasting colourways: warm tans and pale shades of green, blue, and pink, with ornamental features in gold or silver and bold, bright colours to highlight features, patterns, and lines.

Gold Art Deco patterns.
Pictured: Gold Art deco patterns highlight features, designs, and lines

The colours associated with art deco include bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks, and all these colours in softer shades too.

Gold and silver ornamentation

Art Deco calls for gold and silver ornamentation, whether it’s a wall clock, desk clock, picture frame, lamp, or jewellery box.

This isn’t the same as bling – in art deco, gold and silver offer a sense of style rather than a luxury.

Look for décor and furnishings finished in gold and silver in exciting ways, using geometry as your guide to create a flowing bedroom.

Art Deco Mirrored Clock.
Pictured: Art Deco Mirrored Clock

Go glam with lighting.

One of the most valuable things from the Art Deco movement was the importance of lighting and how it affects ambience. The Art Deco movement made lighting a fundamental part of interior design, and you can do the same in your bedroom.

Go glam with lighting with Art Deco-inspired fixtures, and don’t be afraid to install spotlights and wall lights that will highlight areas of your bedroom.

Dar Tumola Art Deco Style Light.
Pictured: Dar Tumola Art Deco Style 4 Light Ceiling Pendant Matt Bronze

Vintage for the win

If you can pick up vintage Art Deco items, do it! Art Deco from the 1920s and ’30s will only get rarer, and there’s no replacement for the real thing.

You can pick up beautiful Art Deco glassware, sculptures, clocks, mirrors, and furnishings from auctions (online and real-world) and antique shops. You can sometimes strike lucky in charity shops and car boot sales.

Share your Art Deco bedroom ideas.

Love Art Deco? You probably have some awesome bedroom ideas we haven’t thought of. Please share your opinions with us by commenting below.

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