What Type Of Mattress Lasts The Longest? We Look at 5 Mattress Types.

What type of mattress lasts the longest? For ultimate longevity, pure foam mattresses (memory foam, latex foam, polyfoam) last longer than mattresses with springs.  People often say that a good mattress should last ten years, but does this generalisation apply to all mattresses?  In the real world, we jump and bounce into bed, we don’t …

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Reflex Foam Vs Memory Foam – What’s The Difference? – Read Our Advice Guide

Healthy Sleep and Bedroom.

Reflex foam vs memory foam There’s no mattress on the market that uses only one material in its construction. Even memory foam mattresses use other types of foam, and reflex foam is the most common support foam found in all mattress types. Confusion over memory foam and reflex foam mattresses can lead to buying the wrong mattress, but the …

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Mattress Coils: Pocket Sprung vs Open Coil. Pros and Con’s Advice Guide

Silentnight Memory Lyra 4FT 6 Double Mattress

Mattress Coils: Pocket Sprung vs Open Coil When shopping for a mattress, you will come across pocket sprung and open coil, two competing technologies with one clear winner: pocket sprung.   The big difference is pocket sprung mattresses have individual springs sewn into pockets, while open coil mattresses have a bed of interlocked springs. The individual springs in a …

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