Why Are Hotel Mattresses More Comfortable?

Why are hotel beds so comfortable.

Hotel beds enjoy a stellar reputation for being immensely comfortable. Let’s face it: who doesn’t look forward to sleeping in one when they go on holiday or even when they’re just travelling because of work. There’s something about the mattresses that makes the beds extra cosy and allows the guests to get a refreshing sleep. This post looks at why hotel beds are so comfortable and what the hotels do to make sure their guests sleep well when they visit the hotel.

A Sleepeezee Mattress Fit For A Prince

Sleepeezee Ever wondered what type of mattress the Royals sleep on? For a family where money is no object, you would expect it would be something us mere commoners could only dream of affording! but it turns out you’d be wrong! not only is the mattress more affordable than you think, but most of us …

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