How to Choose Two Single Beds For One Bedroom

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Single beds

Two single beds in one bedroom is a clever setup for siblings, guest rooms, or any scenario requiring separate sleeping spaces. However, maximising every square inch without sacrificing comfort is a proper challenge.

Our top tips:

Measure meticulously

Standard UK single mattresses are 90 x 190 cm, but bed frames can be broader or longer due to protruding headboards and footboards. 

Divan bases are your most space-efficient option, as they conform precisely to mattress dimensions – meaning 90 x 190 cm is what you get.

Leave at least 60 cm of floor space between beds and 70 cm from the longest bed to the wall for easy passage. Consider potential obstructions like slanted ceilings or alcoves, too (if you have these, a low bed frame is best).

Pinpoint the perfect height.

Low bed frames enhance the sense of openness in a dual single bedroom while allowing kids to clamber in and out quickly. Frames under 30 cm high, like the Shed Beds Tokyo, maintain an airy vibe in compact quarters.

For adults or older people, a mid-height bed around 45-60 cm off the floor is easier to get in and out of. These also provide ample clearance for storage drawers underneath. The Nordic Mill Shake is a lovely option for eclectic spaces.

Nordic Mill Shake Low Bed Frame.
Pictured: Nordic Mill Shake Low Bed Frame. (Single bed sizes available)

Built-in storage 

Ottoman beds are the ultimate space-optimisers, as they provide stowaway space that’s the exact width and length of the mattress. They open via hydraulic gas struts at the foot end for easy mid-room access and work brilliantly in a single size. 

Bedmr Candy 3FT Single Ottoman Bed - Oatmeal. Single beds.
Pictured: Bedmr Candy 3FT Single Ottoman Bed – Oatmeal

Side-opening beds like the Giltedge Beds Side Opening Ottoman are perfect if you have limited space at the foot of the bed. 

Storage drawers are another option. These offer less storage space than ottomans and need clearance to open, but they are around 20% cheaper.

Giltedge Beds Side Opening 3FT Single Ottoman Base.
Pictured: Giltedge Beds Side Opening Ottoman Base. (Single bed sizes available)

Mattress musts

Pocket spring and hybrid models are ideal as they balance targeted support with temperature regulation and pressure relief. 

We recommend the Dormeo Octasmart Premium Deluxe if you want a hybrid or the Giltedge Wool Cashmere 2000 for natural fillings.

Open-coil innerspring mattresses are okay as a budget pick but will feel less supportive over time. Avoid super low-density foams, too, as they quickly break down and lose shape.

Dormeo Octasmart Premium Deluxe Mattress.
Pictured: Dormeo Octasmart Premium Deluxe Mattress. (Single bed sizes available)

Style and versatility

Matching bed frames in crisp white, calming greys, or soft pastels lends any bedroom space a clean, cohesive aesthetic.

Mixing and matching bed frames is another option, like the Giltedge Westbury sleigh bed paired with the more classical Limelight Rosa –  but ensure the overall heights and colour palettes work together harmoniously.

Remember to coordinate cosy duvets, plump pillows, and scatter cushions to bring both beds to life for whoever’s sleeping on them. 

Rose Bed Frame - Black.
Pictured: Rose Bed Frame – Black. (Single bed sizes available)

What about bunk beds?

Bunk beds are brilliant for sleepovers and sleeping two kids in one bedroom, although children grow out of them by age 13, after which bunking up and down doesn’t provide teenagers the privacy to feel comfortable. 

The Julian Bowen Domino Triple is perfect for children aged eight to teenage years because the bottom bunk is a small double. 

Julian Bowen Domino Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed - White.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Domino Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – White

Single bunk beds include the Julian Bowen Bella (available in white and grey) and the classic pine Naples WB2001 Hudson Wooden Bunk Bed.

Naples WB2001 Hudson Wooden Bunk Bed Beech, split into two single beds.
Pictured: Naples WB2001 Hudson Wooden Bunk Bed Beech, split into two single beds.

Summing up 

The most important thing is to measure your bedroom and ensure that you have accurate maximum and ‘best’ dimensions for the bed frame. 

Divan bases without a headboard save space and offer ottoman storage large enough to replace a chest of drawers. 

Style is less important, but a sleigh bed or something with a winged headboard will provide a classy, expensive vibe your occupants will love. 

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