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Bedstarís Sale Update

Bedstarís Sale Update

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Nov 12, 2015 14:38
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Synopsis: Weíve been rocking the sale for a while now and, to be honest, itís been pretty damn awesome, but, unfortunately, it had to end sometime.

We’ve been rocking the sale for a while now and, to be honest, it’s been pretty damn awesome, but, unfortunately, it had to end sometime. We’re sorry to announce that our awesome sale ends in five days.

We know, it’s dreadful. The great thing is there’s still loads left to buy over the next week. Everything from mattresses to bedsteads is on offer and even Kerry Katona has been seen filling her boots (not really).

Anyway, here’s a rundown of our latest special offers:

Star Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

If old mouldy pillows aren’t doing it for you anymore then why not treat yourself to a gorgeous and plump memory foam mattress, which bends to your every will.

Nobody deserves a sore neck in the morning; with a memory foam mattress you’ll feel refreshed and pain-free in the morning.

The Star Ultimate is constructed with only the highest quality foam clusters which form the core. It results in all the pressure spreading across the top of the pillow instead of concentrating in the middle.

Reduced from £75, you’d be bagging yourself a corking pillow with a huge £15 discount – fantastic!

Julian Bowen Paris

Gorgeous, elegant, a showpiece; the Julian Bowen is a bed like no other. This is the bed you can imagine Camilla Parker-Bowles resting her weary head at night. ‘I must say Charles, this Julian Bowen is a delight’. Probably something she would say.

This style of bedstead fits into a traditional room. It’s not recommended for a modern, traditional room as the style of the bedframe might clash with the minimalistic nature of the 21st-century bedroom. If you’re looking for an elegant bedframe to make a statement, then the Julian Bowen is perfect for you.

Now £104, this product has been reduced by £26 so make sure you pick it up before the sale ends in 5 days time.

Sweet Dreams Kingfisher

Wow, this contemporary piece with sleek modern lines is the perfect accompaniment to any modern or traditional room.

Finished in oak and made from sustainable rubber wood (from a rubber tree, not rubbery wood), this piece is durable yet desirable. The Sweet Dreams Kingfisher is designed with a slatted base which further increases the durability of the bed.

The Sweet Dreams is also incredibly easy to assemble which means you’ll spend less time building and more time sleeping.

This product is now priced at £128 reduced from £160 which means you’re saving a whopping £32!

Who would you rather bump into whilst shopping – Jeremy Kyle or Jeremy Clarkson? Let us know in the comments section below!

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