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Belly, Side or Back: What’s the best Position to Sleep In?

Belly, Side or Back: What’s the best Position to Sleep In?

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Aug 17, 2015 11:20
Synopsis: what does your sleeping position say about you? Do you sleep in a particular position because you prefer to or is it because your mattress is telling you to??

Whether it’s on your back spread out like a starfish, on your side, or even on your belly, everyone sleeps differently.


Now, some would say it doesn’t really matter how you sleep, that as long as you’re getting your full eight hours it shouldn’t really cause concern. Well, there are some that would say differently.


So, let’s look at a few positions and weigh up the pros and cons!


Sleeping on your back.


Some would argue that sleeping on your back is a perfect way to sleep. It puts no extra strain on the back, and it’s a completely neutral position. If you implement the starfish position whilst sleeping on your back, it could also reduce acid reflux, perfect for anyone suffering from heartburn.


One downside of sleeping on your back is snoring. This isn’t too bad if you’re single, but if your other half is a light sleeper, then you might become irritating quite quickly. This position, then, might be best reserved for anyone who isn’t in the vicinity to get annoyed.


Sleeping on your side.


Now, if you do snore, then sleeping on your side might well combat it. Sleeping on your side is suggested to open up a ‘crowded oropharynx,’ which we think means the thing that makes you snore.


Unfortunately for you side sleepers, it can make your skin age quicker than your back sleeping counterparts. We’re not sure though, if sleeping on your side stops your snoring, what’s a few years on your skin as opposed to an irritated partner. For peace of mind, sleep on your side if you snore.


Sleeping on your stomach.


Once again, if you snore, this position might be perfect for you. If you don’t, it’s recommended that you sleep on your back.


Sleeping on your front doesn’t support the natural curvature of your spine. It pretty much cramps everything up, which could result in back pain, neck pain and a tingling sensation that can become quite irritable.


So, in conclusion.


Unless you snore a lot, it might just be better to sleep on your back. Just a heads up guys, if you are going to change the way you sleep to benefit your health, please only take this article as advice, if you are going to do anything serious, consult your doctor!


Happy sleeping guys and remember to use our new mattress finder to aid your perfect nights sleep!

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