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Bust Your Stress To Catch Those ZZZs

Bust Your Stress To Catch Those ZZZs

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Sep 18, 2015 08:58
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Synopsis: So youíre struggling to sleep, thatís no good. You need to catch that all important eight hours sleep but canít seem to doze off


So you’re struggling to sleep, that’s no good. You need to catch that all important eight hours sleep but can’t seem to doze off. Well, it could be due to a number of factors such as a humid room or an uncomfortable mattress, but if you’ve sorted all that and you’re sleeping on your perfect mattress in your perfect room; well, then it could be stress keeping you awake.


Stress affects you straight away from the very moment you wake up to the end of the night when you’re struggling to fall asleep. Sure, everyone needs a little stress to spur them into making great decisions, that’s natural stress which you’ll find through every walk of life, but too much stress can really make a difference to how you live your life.


Ultimately it can result in you struggling to sleep at night. When you’re tired and stressed the two compound upon each other creating a miserable cycle where you can’t sleep because you’re tired and you’re tired so you get stressed easier.


So, if you need a helping hand with your stress-related sleep loss, we’re here to help.


Here are five ways you can kick stress in the butt!


Assess what’s stressing you out


Initially you should try to find out what’s causing you stress. A number of things can do this; a busy work schedule, struggling with bills, pain, or maybe you’re doing too much at home. The sooner you know what’s stressing you the sooner out then you can tackle it. Trying to bust stress without knowing where it’s coming from is like a doctor treating its patient without knowing what their problem is; rather silly.




One way to de-stress is to put your body under stress; sounds backwards doesn’t it. Exercise helps you blow off steam and loosen your muscles. This should result in you sleeping more comfortably, but be warned, make sure you exercise two hours before sleeping so your body temperature reduces to normal.


Sort out your bed!


This should be the first thing you do to combat stress-related sleep loss. Your mattress is the only thing between you and the floorboards. It takes all your weight and supports you through those all important eight hours. Some mattresses are better designed for people with bad backs, so if pain is keeping you up, you could do with an orthopaedic mattress.

There’s a few ways you can work out whether or not your bed is right for you, such as:


●     Sleeping on the floor for one night. If it’s more comfortable than your bed then you need a new one.

●     If you’re waking up with back pain, you need a new bed.

●     Use our mattress finder to see if it matches up to your current mattress - if it doesn’t, get a new one.


Sort out your diet!


Common sense prevails here, it really does. If you’re drinking coffee before you go to sleep you’re going to be up all night. Eating and drinking products high in sugar and caffeine are going to fill you with energy right before you hit your head on the pillow. That bar of chocolate with you bedtime movie might seem like a good idea, but honestly, don’t. When people get stressed they comfort eat, it’s a way of relieving pressure through something they enjoy, but be careful, doing it too close to bedtime it’s going to negatively impact you.


Take a holiday


Two week away from it all could change your perspective on life. As soon as you’re on that plane flying away to your dream destination all your stress will fall away. You’ll find your first night’s sleep in another country will be the best you’ve ever had, because you’re stress free and the only thing to worry about is what you’re going to do tomorrow. When you get back home you’ll have a fresh view on life. You’ll realise that everything still works and people get on with their jobs, which might seem sad at first, but then again, now you know all the pressure you felt was just silly.

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