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Everything you need to know about Millbrook

Everything you need to know about Millbrook

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Posted: Oct 23, 2015 08:51
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Synopsis: Can we tell you more - what sort of question is that? Of course we can tell you more! Millbrook are the guys who deserve to have ‘luxury’ as their middle name.

Can we tell you more - what sort of question is that? Of course we can tell you more! Millbrook are the guys who deserve to have ‘luxury’ as their middle name. These guys are number one when it comes to luxurious, yet slightly decadent beds. We don’t say decadent in a negative way, their beds are just extremely indulgent; there’s nothing to be ashamed of about that.


Millbrook is another company with more than a hundred years’ worth of experience. They pretty much know what they’re doing about anything and everything. They started off small under the guidance of Walter Croll, but with diligence and gumption they were soon crafting furniture for all the important figures - including the famous door at Number 10.


Their quality craftsmanship has followed right through into their beds, bed frames and headboards. Their products are renowned all over England and even the Royal Family are fans of their products.


Wow, so I could sleep in the same bed as the Queen?


Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves - she’s married you know. If you’re after an exact replica of the Queen’s bed you might struggle; but we reckon that if you choose the right Millbrook bed you’ll be sleeping like a Queen (or King), if that’s close enough?


Not really, ah well… what beds do you stock then?


We stock plenty of beds from Millbrook but to save you some time we’ll sum up what we’ve go to offer.


We mainly stock headboards, beds and mattresses from Millbrook. Our range is incredibly diverse, but most products are towards the mid-top market prices, so whilst they may be more expensive that other brands, the quality is more than definitely there.


The headboards we stock come in a variety of styles; they’re all made of fabric so would fit into a modern style bedroom.


The mattresses we stock are all filled with natural fabrics so you can be sure that you’re getting premium quality filler.


We also stock Millbrook divan beds, which are crafted using the strongest materials and are then lined with high quality fabrics.


You can be assured that all efforts have been made to make sure your Millbrook bed is of the very highest standard. This luxury brand would not ruin its reputation for churning out low-quality products - that can be guaranteed.


Wow, but these are pretty pricey, any offers?


Yes, for a limited time we’ve decided to reduce the cost of all Millbrook beds by 10%. All you’ve got to do is type in the code millbrook10 at checkout to save money on your exciting Millbrook bed.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Bedstar and check out these brilliant products

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