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Giving Our Support To Pocket Springs

Giving Our Support To Pocket Springs

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Posted: Jul 21, 2015 14:43
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Synopsis: When it comes to mattress support, pocket springs have not only stood the test of time, but are now the most popular choice of mattresses bought by UK consumers. Let's find out why...

When it comes to mattress springs, there is no better support than a pocket spring system. This traditional type has been gracing our mattresses for over 80 years, and is by far the most popular choice for the UK consumer.


The success behind this particular type of spring is down to the fact it can offer individual zoned support, with the springs working in harmony and contouring to the shape of your body, so you get the support where you need it most. Each spring sits in its own cotton pocket and is then carefully sewn into the mattress in uniformed rows.


Mattresses can contain a minimum of 600 springs, while the maximum number of standard pocket springs of one layer can raise to 2000. Some mattresses can contain many more springs than this, but will either use a spring with a smaller diameter or will use multiple layers of springs stacked one on top of the other to produce a higher spring count.


The general rule of thumb with pocket springs is the higher the spring count the more support you will receive. Most consumers will opt for a mattress with an average of 1400 springs. This amount of springs will produce a medium feel with an optimum amount of support. Heavier sleepers will benefit from more springs, as the support will be greater, while lighter build sleepers will get a similar type of support using less springs.


The amount of springs that is usually advertised in a mattress will relate to a king size mattress, so please be aware smaller or larger size mattresses will be proportionally lower or higher in spring count.


The thickness of the wire used (known as the gauge) can also have an effect on the overall support. If a thicker gauge of wire is used, the spring won't compress as easily, giving the mattress a firmer feel. A thinner gauge of wire will have the opposite effect. Lower spring counts tend to use a thicker wire, so if you’re looking for a firm feel this would be a good option.


Some of our suppliers, including Millbrook and Relyon, can manufacture a pocket spring mattress to your own requirements and the firmness of the spring can be requested on purchase, giving you more control over the support you are requiring. Another ideal solution, if you're sharing with a partner, is to request different tensions on each side of the mattress; perfect if your individual support needs are different. It’s worth checking out the full range to find the perfect fit for your tastes.


To summarise, if your budget can stretch to it, always choose a pocket sprung mattress. Even the most basic pocket sprung mattress will be hands down better than a standard coil sprung mattress, and in the long run you will get much more value for money.


To see how a pocket sprung mattress is manufactured please watch the video below.

To see how a pocket sprung mattress is manufactured please watch the video below.

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