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Choosing The Right Mattress

Choosing The Right Mattress

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Sep 14, 2015 09:27
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Synopsis: We’re here to help you find the perfect mattress for you. Let’s take you through some of the more popular mattresses and talk about their benefits.

Here, take a look at all the different types of mattress; soft, medium, firm, coil-sprung, pocket-sprung, latex and memory foam. Then you’ve got all the different sizes, from single all the way to double kingsize. In truth, there are so many mattresses out there for so many purposes that everyone is going to need a helping hand at some point.


That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect mattress for you. Let’s take you through some of the more popular mattresses and talk about their benefits.


Soft, medium or firm?


This should be the first question you ask yourself, or your partner, when deciding on your new bed. Firm mattresses are good for your back but aren’t as comfortable as a soft mattress, and medium mattresses are somewhat in between. If backcare is your priority, such as the elderly or someone with orthopaedic problems, then a firm mattress might just benefit you more.


Coil sprung or Pocket Sprung?


Ultimately, it comes down to how much you’re willing to spend on your mattress. Coil springs are found in your generic, low end mattresses, which offer a decent amount of support, but don’t evenly distribute your weight as well as other methods. A good alternative is the pocket sprung variety, which contain springs housed in their own individual segment. This allows for better weight distribution and increased comfort. If you’ve got a bigger budget, go with pocket springs, but if you’re watching the pennies, go with coil springs.


Although, if your mattress’ fillings aren’t up to scratch, the springs won’t make much of a difference.


What should my mattress be made out of?


There’s three options really; synthetic, natural or memory foam. Synthetic materials are usually the cheapest and as such, usually the least comfortable. Natural fillings are sourced, well, naturally, and are somewhat more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Depending on the firmness of your mattress, the fillings will vary in substance and quantity. Finally you’ve got memory foam, which sinks around your body shape by responding to your body temperature. These are generally the most expensive but provide the highest level of support.


If you need any more help we’ve got a handy mattress finder which you can use to find your perfect bed!


Good luck on your search for the perfect mattress!

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