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Clearance Alert! - Bedstarís Hidden Gems

Clearance Alert! - Bedstarís Hidden Gems

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Posted: Oct 16, 2015 09:15
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Synopsis: This week weíve rounded up some of our best clearance products for you to feast your eyes on.

As we always like to remind our customers: clearance items are not rubbish. They’re simply end of the line products or ex-showroom. You can expect these items to be like new, maybe one or two imperfections when it comes to the ex-showroom goods, but ultimately they’re just as good as our current lines.


This week we’ve rounded up some of our best clearance products for you to feast your eyes on.


So if you’re struggling to find a bed in your budget, take a look at these and you could be sleeping on your dream be quicker than you think.


Limelight Astro Wooden Bed


This natural, traditional bed will fit seamlessly into any bedroom. Contemporary isn’t the world for the piece; it would fit in any room in any decade. Its simple design helped along by its simple lines, this strong, reliable bed is easy to assemble and even easier to fall asleep on.


Its low footend means you won’t struggle to get in, and you won’t want to get out. Its slatted base means you’re getting a strong, sturdy bed.


This beauty was priced at £226 when it was in our showroom. Right now you can pick this piece up for the low, low price of £141.


You don’t need to do the maths to work out you’re getting an absolute bargain!


Paul Maxfield Shaker Bedstead


Simple, sleek yet beautiful; the Paul Maxfield is incredibly easy to the eye. The traditional wooden bedstead is similar to the Limelight Astro; it will also fit seamlessly into any bedroom, it is also a strong sturdy bed, it also comes with a slatted base. The only difference is minute style differences that set these beds apart.


This bed comes in white, which is a very neutral colour and commands little attention. This bed is perfect for anyone who is looking for that contemporary look, a bed that will fit in with ease.


The Paul Maxfield is currently priced at £290, which is £73 less than its showroom price. An amazing bargain and one that should be taken advantage of quickly.


Now for a piece of furniture!





Birlea Lynx Black


This five-drawer drawer chest is a modern masterpiece and one that commands respect from anyone who sets their eyes upon it. It has a clean modern look, one that fits in with any modern looking bedroom. Whilst this piece wouldn’t suit a traditional room, it wouldn’t look out of place with an LCD TV on top of it.


Made from rich walnut, this piece is designed to last. At the value price of £149, this luxury piece won’t break the bank but will look like it should - if you know what I mean.


For a look at all of our fantastic clearance offers head on over to our dedicated page now!


You won’t be disappointed.

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