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Clearance Focus: Week Three

Clearance Focus: Week Three

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Nov 4, 2015 10:47
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Synopsis: Everybody loves to sleep in luxury take a look at how the other half sleep on the road! But sometimes money just won't stretch far enough.

Everybody loves to sleep in luxury – take a look at how the other half sleep on the road! But sometimes money just won't stretch far enough.

There's no shame about being a little frugal though - even celebrities with millions in the bank do it.

Take Mick Jagger, who, with nearly $305 million in the bank, refuses to part with any extra cash to 'spoon feed' his children – a little tight, don't you think!

Well, if the Rolling Stones frontman can live on the cheap, so can you! We think that saving a little extra cash in out clearance sale will do you no harm – probably where you'll find most of the celebrities, nowadays.

With that in mind – we’ve rounded up a few of the best items in this week’s sale:

Limelight Astro Wooden Bedstead – Reduced From £226 to £141!

This brilliant bedstead will fit into any traditional bedroom with ease. With sleek, clean lines, it sports a contemporary style like no other. This bargain piece will be sure to impress even the most meticulous relatives or judgmental neighbours.

The Limelight Astro comes has a low foot-end, which means you’ll get easy access in and out of bed. No more worrying about stumbling into bed after a night out in town.

You're also getting a slatted base, which is renowned in the industry for its impressive amount of support. So, regardless of how much pressure you put on the frame, you’ll get all the support you need.

With an overall saving of £85, there's no better time to pick up this amazing offer – but act quickly, we've only got a limited amount of stock.

The Star Collection – Oslo Entertainment Unit – Reduced from £311 to £249!

Stuart Jones is renowned for crafting some of the very best furniture in the United Kingdom. This is perfectly demonstrated with this gorgeous, oiled oak entertainment unit.

This sleek and versatile piece will add a modern twist to any traditional-style living room without looking too much out of place.

One advantage of buying this piece is that it comes perfectly assembled. This means you won't have to waste time building your brand new entertainment unit.

Saving over £62 - there's only one piece left, so you'll have to get there quick!

Sweet Dreams Sport Small Divan Bed – Now £147!

Perfect for crazy football fans – the Sweet Dreams Sport Bed will have your future Wayne Rooney sleeping like an angel.

With two layers or synthetic fillings, this bed will keep your child warm and comfortable through the cold winter months.

The Sweet Dreams Bed also comes with a 'stitchbond' mattress, which further increases the durability; perfect for boisterous lads.

You'll also get a cushioned headboard to stop those fun-related injuries such as bumped heads sore foreheads.

Priced at £147 - this bed is the perfect choice for all sports-mad children.

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