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Customer Reviews: How Bedstar Excels at Making Deliveries Easier

Some of the products are extremely large and naturally customers might have concerns about how they will be received.

Thankfully, you needn’t worry with us. Our delivery process is quick, smooth and we use a specialist team to prevent any problems.

How our delivery service works?

Firstly, you can check our delivery procedures page to find out the exact details of the locations we deliver to. Our delivery process is split into different zones, with most of mainland UK entitled to free delivery on any orders that exceed £299! (Monday to Friday)

The delivery team that you require will depend on the size of the order. Generally, for smaller items such as headboards and bedroom furniture we will send one person who specialises in delivering smaller goods. For the bigger items such as beds, bases and mattresses, we supply a two-man team that will bring the items to your room. Furthermore, we provide you with a three-hour time slot so you don’t have to spend the day waiting for a knock at the door.

When the delivery arrives will depend on the timing of your purchase. Some items offer next day delivery if you order before 1pm, however all will be clear once your order is made. Details for any changes you would like to make to a delivery or how to track your order can also be found on our delivery page.

What our customers think

You don’t have to just take our word when it comes to our effortless delivery service. Here are the thoughts of a few customers;

Living in a block of flats can sometimes be a real hindrance with having goods delivered as some couriers won’t bring it up the stairs and will use a host of excuses mostly to do with not having the correct insurance (or too lazy!)

I didn’t relish the thought of having to carry a heavy bed and mattress up five flights of stairs so this is why I picked Bedstar as their two-man service guarantees a room of choice delivery which means I could have it delivered directly into my bedroom, ready to sleep on!

The two delivery guys were friendly and professional and did a great job of carrying it through my hall being careful not to damage my recently decorated wall!

– Maria Jabobs

Being a busy mum with a part time job, the prospect of having to sit in all day waiting for a delivery was always enough to put me off buying a bed from the internet or anything for that matter!

But having recently discovered Bedstar, I was pleased to see they offered a much more customer focused service with timed delivery slots throughout the day to give you a general idea but more importantly a pre-call from the driver, 1hr prior to delivery was a god send.

This meant I could still go out my daily routine but had ample time to return home and accept the delivery when the call from the driver came through!

– Lyndsey Warrington

When it finally came time to getting a new mattress it was actually getting rid of my old mattress that worried me the most as it was too big to get in the car to take to the tip and I had visions of it having to be left outside for months on end and becoming a real eye sore while I worked out what to do with it!!

So I was pleased to see a mattress removal service offered by Bedstar which is why I ended up choosing them in the first place. The delivery itself was super-efficient with the delivery chaps taking my new mattress upstairs and bringing the old one out and back on their van within two minutes!! You do have to pay a bit extra for this service but well worth it in the long run and one less problem to deal with.

– James Ciezak

Ultimately, the delivery process at Bedstar is about ensuring you get the products ordered as quickly and easily as possible. From bedroom furniture to king-size beds, our methods mean you won’t have to worry about a thing.