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Day Beds - Itís a small world after all!

Day Beds - Itís a small world after all!

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Posted: Dec 21, 2017 14:40
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Synopsis: Whilst the variety of interior design schemes has blossomed in recent years, itís also true that many of have to make do with compact living spaces.

Itís a small world after all

Whilst the variety of interior design schemes has blossomed in recent years, itís also true that many of have to make do with compact living spaces.

But regardless of whether you have a tiny bedroom in a townhouse, or are looking to revamp your studio flat, then you can implement plenty of innovative furniture and aesthetics to maximise the space that you do have.

Solving the storage issue

Although our bedrooms are supposed to be tranquil places where we rest and recuperate, the unfortunate fact is that they can also double as storage spaces. So regardless of whether you are hoarding clothes, or embracing your inner bookworm, youíll need to solve the storage issue.

Many people with small bedrooms overcome this issue by building high. From using stackable storage boxes to house personal effects, to using DIY skills to install some handy bookshelves, itís clear a limited floor space can only be overcome by thinking vertically.

Try multi-functional furniture

However, if you donít want to transform your bedroom into what looks like a warehouse, youíll need to see how multi-functional furniture can dramatically lighten the load in your sleeping environment.

Whether itís using a divan bed to store all of those winter blankets, or even seeing how a day bed can provide a stylish and space-saving way to cater to any unexpected guests, there are plenty of innovative pieces of furniture that can declutter your bedroom.

Of course, day beds donít have to necessarily be part of your bedroom. Whether they are being used for friends and family in the guest room, or even helping you enjoy a relaxing binge-watching TV session in the living room, it shows how multifunctional furniture can be a real life-saver in our compact homes.

Use colour and light effectively

Even if you arenít ready to splash out on a day bed just yet, you can implement some great design ideas to create the illusion of having plenty more space.

From using chic and minimalist Scandinavian decor to provide a light and airy feel to a compact space, to embracing this yearís on-trend colours like soft grey to dramatically open up the feel of a room, itís all about letting your bedroom breathe.

And with the crafty use of large mirrors to make any room seem much larger than it actually is, it shows how perception is everything in interior design.

Embrace the cosy aesthetic

However, it should also be stated that nobody is going to want to have a bedroom that feels sterile. So why not embrace your smaller sleeping space by making it as cosy as possible.

The Danish lifestyle trend - hygge - has helped many of us fall in love with our compact homes by using ultra-soft textures, candles, and plenty of cushions to seriously ramp up the comfort factor.

In addition to this, trying some of the more unusual bohemian design ideas like kilim rugs, macrame plant hangers, and chunky throws can also make your tiny bedroom seem so much more inviting.

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