Why A Grey Bed Is Still the Must Have Colour In 2021

2021 has brought once again a shift from bright and lively hues to warmer, more comforting tones. The trend continues, craving earthy tones and soothing neutrals to enrich our senses and create a restful living space.

We want to bring these recent comforting trends into our sleeping sanctuaries as well, and we tend to do this through the creative use of colour, but we also need our bed to fit into the new scheme.

Our bed is not something that we can change every season when we decide to paint our walls a new trendy colour. Therefore, choosing a versatile and conservative colour such as grey for our bedstead is key to making sure this will last the test of time.

Grey buttoned headboard

Here are 5 important reasons why a grey bed will never be out of style:

  1. A Grey Bed Will Match Any Colour Scheme
  2. A Grey Bed Will Fit into Most Interior Design Styles
  3. The Colour Grey makes all the other colours pop
  4. The Colour Grey Combines with Any Textures and Finishes
  5. The Colour Grey Will Balance Out Your Bedroom

1. Soft, natural and soothing hues remained a focus in home décor palettes this year.

Luckily, as a neutral and impartial colour, grey can still be combined with all of them. A grey bed will go a long way to creating a soft and warming interior along with the popular 2021 earthy tones.

Soft greys also work naturally with greens, which we tend to use lately to bring the outdoors in. Just imagine a soft grey bed against a powerful forest green or delicious olive green.

A grey bed will also pair beautifully with a dusky pink or burnt orange accessories to create a calming interior that will rejuvenate your mind after a busy day.

As grey contains many tones found in the blues and lighter shades of blue, this makes excellent matches for an overall feeling of comfort.

A grey bed will have a steadying effect on all other colours with which it comes into contact, toning down the more robust and brighter colours and illuminating the softer ones. This neutral beauty remains the fact that it will make a nice pair with any achromatic, accented achromatic, complementary or triadic colour scheme.

Charcoal grey bed

2. The Scandinavian Style, Minimalism, Wabi-Sabi and Japandi are just some of the interior design styles that are still going strong in 2021.

Fortunately, you can opt for a minimalistic grey bed as grey still has its special place among the rise of trends where décor is kept at a minimum.

A grey bed will fit into most of these interiors and it can be both a functional and cosy provider of warmth and a stylish way to add texture.

Due to this colour’s high adaptability, a grey bed also remains a popular choice between other styles such as Country, Coastal, Hamptons, Mediterranean and Modern Farmhouse.

Grey designer bed with a scallop headboard

3. Formal and emotionless, yet calming and intimate, a grey bed is a great choice if you are seeking to create a contrast as it will make room for all the other colours to pop.

On its own, grey indicated the absence of colour, but in combination, it creates the perfect backdrop to let other colours shine.

Just imagine some burnt red or fiercely orange cushions on a grey bed — quite a striking combination.

Deep dark green in all shades is yet another grand scheme where the green will take centre stage.

Tones with a little warmth to them, such as soft yellows will also look perfect against grey to awaken our spirit and to inspire feelings of much needed optimism.

kaydian walkworth ottoman bed in light grey

4. If you like to play with textures and finishes and you are not sure what bed to choose so you don`t overcrowd the bedroom, opting for an upholstered grey bed is always a safe choice.

We all know grey is not a wow-shade, so it won`t be the centre of attention, making it perfect for sitting against any type of wall and floor finish and blending with any creative texture. As grey will visually free up space, you will have more room for your favourite cushions and blankets to turn your bedroom into a welcoming cocoon.

Combined with natural finishes such as wood and organic shapes, a grey bed will create a calming space, perfect for you to switch off at the end of a long day.

Modern Padded bed in Slate grey

5. In colour psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance.

The colour grey, being neither black nor white, is the colour of compromise. Depending on the intensity and undertone, grey can set any mood you need for your bedroom.

The closer it gets to black, the more mysterious and dramatic it becomes. The closer it gets to white, the more lively and illuminating.

According to what feelings you want your bedroom to evoke, you can also choose a warm undertone for a cosy feel or a cold undertone for a fresh look.

It’s also worth mentioning that also the colours that you are combining them with can produce different effects especially when you introduce your bedding. Mixed with pastels and soft pinks, it can emanate a feminine feel, whilst in combination to darker colours, a more masculine quality is apparent.

Birlea grey bed

Whether you choose earthy tones, dusky pinks or uplifting yellows for your bedroom this year, a grey bed will never be out of style, and you can create a sense of calm and relief from a chaotic world.

Whether you opt for forest greens or rich blues, your sleeping sanctuary won`t be complete without a bed to balance your chosen scheme.