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Grey is the new black: five benefits a grey bed can bring to your room in 2017

Updating your bedroom doesn’t have to be a mammoth, time-consuming task – you can take small steps to help to transform your room rather than committing to a complete overhaul.

The easiest way to update your safe haven is with your bed: it’s time to say goodbye to those outdated coloured beds and say hello to a brand new grey bed. Why a grey bed? Here’s why…

1) It’s a statement piece in itself

A bed is the main component of the bedroom, so it’s important to get the right one to fit with your colour scheme and décor. Once you have the bed sorted, the rest is easy! And a grey bed is something out of the ordinary; so rather than fading into the background, your cosy little cocoon will stand out on its own merit.

2) Go hot or cold

The beauty of the colour grey means you can easily manipulate the colour scheme to best fit your tastes. If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and luxury, opt for warmer, darker tones and layer up the throws and cushions. Cooler tones more your thing? Lighter shades and a minimalistic approach will achieve this.

3) It’s timeless

Trends come and go but grey is here to stay – The guys at Bedstar like to think we’re ahead of the game! There is nothing worse than when you can feel the rooms in your house slowly becoming dated, but that’s not a concern when it comes to a grey colour scheme to match your main attraction; the grey bed. You can enjoy plenty of cosy, on-trend nights to come.

4) Adding accessories is a breeze

With room updates, trying to find the right light fixtures and other trinkets can become tiresome. You spend hours trawling through websites to get pieces to help paint the vision you had for your room. With the grey bed being so eye-catching, you don’t need to spend all your free time just to find storage boxes to match your scheme. Your options are endless!

5) Grey beds are versatile

A grey bed doesn’t mean bland decor. The versatility means you can add other colours and pieces as you wish – be it a statement headboard, patterned quilting or a marble wallpaper feature wall. No matter what vision you have for your cosy space of a bedroom, a grey bed can fit into all of them. You can see the full range of grey beds over at our dedicated page on bedstar.co.uk