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How to sleep in the heat

How to sleep in the heat

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Jul 22, 2016 08:56
Synopsis: Bedstarís guide to keeping cool when the night is cruel

Emma Thompson once referred to Britain as a Ďcake-filled misery-laden grey old islandí. Well, more fool her because weíve got our sunshine now and Britain is bright and cheerful once again. On the 19th July summer finally began as hundreds of thousands of people presumably ditched their day-jobs and flooded to the beaches to make the most of this very spontaneous heatwave.

After a fun-filled day of ice-cream, splashing in the pool and donkey rides most families were looking forward to a proper nightís sleep Well, you know what they say about having your roasting hot sunshine cake Ė youíve got to eat it. All of it. With evening temperatures hitting an all-time high of 28C most folk found themselves contemplating a night under the stars. Unfortunately, to add to the misery, thunderstorms came in all their glory and provided what was one of the most intense evenings of sleep in meteorological history. And so, after enduring the hottest day of the year, there was to be no reprieve.

This inspired the guys at Bedstar to come up with a battle plan. As a leading retailer of beds and mattresses we thought it was our public duty to inform the masses on how one should properly act in such dire situations. And so, you will find below our complete guide on how to sleep at night in-case such terrible circumstances should arise again.

Better yet, itís all in one easy to digest infographic. So you could, you know, even print it off and pass it on to your friends.

Key facts for busy folk:

If youíre super busy and canít find the time to read the whole thing (you shouldíve been at work and not slacking off at the beach), then weíll fill you in with the most important information.

Donít drink alcohol before bed!

Listen, it sounds like a great idea to knock back a few beers before bed, but honestly itís the worst thing you could do. Basically by drinking alcohol you can head straight to sleep without going through the rapid eye movement (REM) stage first. As the alcohol is processed by your body you can fall back into the REM stage, where youíre more susceptible to waking up. Ultimately, donít drink before bed Ė have a glass of water instead.

A light cotton duvet is a must!
If youíre still using your winter duvet in the middle of July then you really need to change things up fast. Investing in a summer duvet might just be the wisest thing youíve done all year. If you donít want to mess about with two duvets you can always purchase a dual-season duvet which essentially pulls apart into to thinner segments. Itís essentially two-duvets in one.

Donít sleep without your PJs on!

It might seem like the most logical thing to do, but sleeping in the buff is one of the most common mistakes people make. Pyjamas are designed to absorb sweat and as such can leave you feeling dry, if not a little stuffy. Trust us, feeling a little cocooned is much more pleasant than sweating through the night. Keep those jim-jams on and youíll thank us for it in the morning.

Thatís pretty much everything you need to know about keeping cool at night. Is there anything you do to keep sub-zero? Anything a little bit zany or out there? Let us know in the comments section below.

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