Children’s Bedroom Interior Decorating – A world of pure imagination

Children's Bedroom Decorating
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Children’s Bedroom Interior Decorating

We all know that children’s bedrooms are the most fun rooms in the home to decorate. Whether installing a cute novelty bed, painting a colourful mural, or just trying to find somewhere to store all those toys, there’s nothing like decorating your children’s bedroom to add charm to your home.

So, we are going to have a look at some of the most enduring kid’s bedroom ideas. From designs that implement their favourite movies and comic book characters to subtle motifs that give children a nice place to rest and relax, there are plenty of great ways to revamp your kids’ bedroom.

Julian Bowen London Bus 3FT Single Wooden Bunk Bed.
Julian Bowen London Bus 3FT Single Wooden Bunk Bed (Available now from Bedstar)

Decorating a children’s bedroom gives you a perfect chance to get them involved in the fun. There’s nothing like doing a colourful mural to help your little ones express their creative sides. 

So be sure to let your children guide the overall design so that they get to show off their love for their favourite films, comic book characters, and sporting stars. However, if you are worried about their fickle tastes, consider investing in peel-off wall stickers that will save you redecorating every few months.

Peel off Wall Sticker Children's Disney Car Character, Ideal for children's bedroom.
(Picture source: Becky and Lolo) Peel-off stickers are an excellent idea for Children’s Bedrooms and can be easily changed to keep up with new trends.

Of course, it’s not just on the walls where you can cater to the fads of your child. From football-themed bedspreads to some fun novelty children’s beds on the Bedstar website, there are plenty of ways to make bedtime seem much more appealing.

 Birlea Adventure Bunk Bed - White.
Pictured: Birlea Adventure Bunk Bed – White (Available from Bedstar)

Nowadays, plenty of movies and TV shows feature branded merchandise that ranges from Frozen waste paper baskets to inflatable Minion chairs. But before you consider investing in these items, try some fun DIY projects with which everyone can get involved.

Children's Bedroom.
Pictured: LEGO-themed children’s bedroom

Whether painting the bedroom walls in the colour of their favourite football team or even getting them to create some cool LEGO wall art, it can help your children appreciate their bedrooms more and maybe even keep them tidier.

Children's Bedroom.
Nintendo Wall Art with Super Mario running along a wall. Available from Amazon UK

Above all, it’s about creating a little fantasy world for your children where they can use their big imaginations. 

Whether that means investing in a princess carriage or racing car novelty bed or painting the walls in the style of their favourite Super Mario video game, it will all prove that few household tasks are more enjoyable than redecorating a children’s bedroom.

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