How to Choose a High Sleeper Bed for a Kid’s Bedroom in 6 Steps

Kid's Bed, Birlea Safari 3FT Single Bunk Bed - Grey.
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High Sleeper Bed

High sleeper beds are fantastic for kids’ bedrooms because they turn them into an all-in-one sleeping, studying, and relaxation space.

The beauty of high sleeper beds is they can be a blank canvas with space under the top bunk, or they can have a built-in desk, drawers, and even a wardrobe, making them ideal for small bedrooms in need of clever storage solutions.

This article reveals how to choose a high sleeper bed, with product recommendations for those of you needing inspiration.

Let’s jump in!

Consider colours and styles.

High sleeper beds usually come in white, grey, or black, with a top bunk and a chunky ladder to accommodate children and teenagers.

Older children prefer darker colours, but white is the most versatile finish because it blends in with any décor and room style.

Models like the Julian Bowen Flintshire have a traditional feel, while the Birlea Safari is a top choice for younger children and sleepovers.

Pictured: The Julian Bowen Pegasus is another fantastic bed with secret storage built into the staircase and an integrated cupboard.

Think about the layout.

Before buying, consider your overall plan for the room, including where the bed will sit and how much space you have.

While most high sleeper beds take up no more floor space than a standard single bed, some models have drawers and cupboard doors that require clearance.

Measure the available space’s width, depth, and height to ensure it will fit into your kid’s bedroom.

Think about functionality.

Consider how your kid uses their bedroom to determine if they will benefit from a desk, drawers, and a wardrobe built into the bed frame.

A high sleeper bed with a built-in desk enables kids to study in their rooms, and built-in storage solutions create extra room to store clothes and toys. A wardrobe could also help keep their clothes and possessions tidied away.

If you want an all-in-one wardrobe, drawers, and desk space, check out the Julian Bowen Pegasus (also available in white).

Julian Bowen Pegasus Highsleeper - Black.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Pegasus – Black.

Think about multimedia.

Whether your kid loves watching TV or playing in their bedroom, children and teenagers need somewhere to relax and do things they enjoy.

The minimum requirement is a desk large enough for a television of least 27″, or you can go for a high sleeper with space for a large TV.

High sleepers like the Julian Bowen Nebula have space for a large, flat-screen TV, giving your kid the perfect vantage point for digital content.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Nebula Gaming Bed with Desk – Anthracite

Think about the mattress.

High sleepers have a top bunk with a guard rail, but it is only effective when it is sufficiently high above the mattress.

You will need a mattress no thicker than 18cm for a high sleeper, and some models require a mattress as thin as 15cm. Before buying a new mattress for your high sleeper, double-check the dimensions of your chosen high sleeper to ensure compatibility

Set a budget for the bed frame and mattress.

Prices for bed frames and mattresses range from budget to high-end, depending on the material, design, and brand. Check your budget before purchasing, and expect to pay upwards of £600.

We offer 20% off mattresses when you buy them alongside your high sleeper, and our range of high sleeper bed frames starts from £579.

Beware of generic and cheap brands that use inferior MDF for construction, and only buy from reputable retailers like us to ensure support when you need it.

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