Modern Bedroom Designs 2023

Modern Bedroom Designs 2021.
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Modern Bedroom Designs 2023

Modern bedrooms use negative space to create a sense of tranquillity, with statement furniture and pops of colour for character and style. There are many styles, from industrial with its rough and raw textures to Asian Zen, which utilises simplicity and organic shapes.

You can mix and match different styles to suit your taste, but we recommend sticking to one or two to keep your bedroom structured.

Here’s our guide to modern bedroom designs in 2023:

Quick wins for modern bedroom designs 

Is your bedroom looking a little dated? It could be the furniture or colour scheme letting it down. The easiest way to modernise your bedroom is with a beautiful bed frame because this sets the style and tone for the whole space.

Beyond your bed, freshen the walls with white or off-white paint and make a feature wall behind your bed or on the wall adjacent to the door. Pastel colours are good choices, or you can go for grey or beige for an industrial vibe.

Modern bedroom makeover

Need a complete bedroom makeover? You can use a modern bedroom design to plan your style and inspire your purchases:


Modern Bedroom Design, Birlea Urban 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame
Pictured: Birlea Urban 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame, Available Online from Bedstar.

Industrial bedrooms are minimalistic and clutter-free and go heavy on texture, blending rough, raw, and smooth materials. The vibe can seem cold, but warm light, soft furnishings, and many artistic décors will make it feel homely.

French Country 

Modern Bedroom Designs 2023. Birlea Atlas Metal Bed Frame
Pictured: Birlea Atlas Metal Bed Frame – Cream, Detailed framework for an eye-catching centrepiece Available Online from Bedstar.

French country is a sophisticated blend of shabby chic, glam, and mid-century modern (think crushed velvet headboard, rattan rug, and white furniture). Timeless, antique-style furniture is the centrepiece, creating a sense of time.


Modern Bedroom Designs 2023. The Scandinavian 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame, is a beautiful, Scandi style bedframe made from high-quality oak.
Pictured: The Scandinavian 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame is a beautiful, Scandi-style bedframe made from high-quality oak. Available Online from Bedstar.

Scandinavian bedrooms are open, minimalistic, and clean, with functional furniture, straight lines, natural materials, and soft light. While industrial pairs rough and smooth textures, Scandinavian pairs smooth textures with wood, glass, and metal.

Asian Zen 

Modern Bedroom Designs 2023. Serene Armstrong 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame. Japanese-inspired design with a striking black and oak finish.
Pictured: Classically styled, the Croxley bed will work equally well in a traditional or more contemporary interior. The Croxley bedroom pieces are ideal for a natural airy bedroom feel by day, and the warm tones will make it cosy by night. Available Online from Bedstar.

Asian Zen draws inspiration from Zen, the value of meditation and intuition. It focuses on balance, symmetry, and harmony through minimalism, using interesting shapes, geometries, and lighting to create dynamic, tranquil spaces.


Modern Bedroom Designs 2021. There is a true art to creating the perfect minimal, yet warm and visually interesting modern interior, especially for the oasis of the home, the bedroom.
Picture source: One Kin Design. There is true art to creating the perfect minimal yet warm and visually interesting modern interior, especially for the oasis of the home, the bedroom. 

Although some bedroom designs deploy minimalism, the minimalist style takes things to another level with a monotone colour scheme, straight lines, simple furniture, consistent geometry, uncomplicated finishes, and negative space.

Mid-century modern 

Mid-century modern pairs the decorating style of the 1950s and 1960s with modern colours to create homely, clean spaces. Natural wood furniture, subtle textures, neutral patterns, and bright pops of colour create an energetic yet relaxing bedroom.


Modern Bedroom Designs 2021, Bohemian Interior Bedroom Design.
Pictured: Bohemian Interior Bedroom Design; a key feature of bohemian bedrooms is plants and nature, breaking up the modern, geometric layout with greenery.

Bohemian bedrooms pair wild patterns and pops of colour with plain furniture, creating a sense of playfulness. A key feature of bohemian bedrooms is plants and nature, breaking up the modern, geometric layout with greenery.

Working with space

The common theme with our modern bedroom design recommendations is all of them make use of negative space and minimalism. Minimalism means simplicity in layout and style, shunning clutter and contrasting elements.

Working with space in your bedroom is crucial to creating a modern bedroom that suits your lifestyle. The last thing you want is a beautiful bedroom that’s too impractical to use!

Here are a few ways to free up space:

  • Get a divan bed – these are slimmer than regular bed frames.
  • Get a TV bed – this will free up space on your desk or wall.
  • Get an ottoman bed – lots of storage underneath with a lift-up base.
  • Declutter with stackable plastic storage boxes.
  • Tiered shelving – dedicate one wall to all your bits and bats.
  • Slimmer furniture – free up floor space with slimmer furniture (you can always get a taller chest or a better-designed wardrobe).

Modern colours 

Modern bedrooms also need a modern colour scheme. Modern colours include:

  • White and off-white
  • Light and medium grey
  • Beige
  • Champagne gold
  • Charcoal
  • Pastel colours (blush pink, mint green, baby blue)

Darker colours like deep blue and Emerald green work better in traditional bedrooms. As a general rule, lighter colours work better in modern spaces.

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