The Best Classical Bed Frames For Stately Bedrooms

Birlea Atlas Black Metal Bed Frame.
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When crafting a stately bedroom fit for royalty, your bed frame choice matters more than anything else – other furniture included.

Classical bedrooms should bring undeniable opulence and create that ‘wow’ factor through exquisite details and rich materials.

Stately winged beauties and grand sleigh beds dripping with old-world charm are safe choices, with head-turning designs that transform any space into timeless elegance, or you can go for something ornate and carved.

You have lots of choices:

Winged headboard beds

The pièce de resistance of any stately chamber? Winged beds, darling!

These head-turning headboards have luxe upholstered wings for a sense of cocooning comfort and stately grandeur.

The Julian Bowen Gatsby flaunts the definition of modern style with its geometric velvet headboard, or you can go for a buttoned number with the Bedmr Warwick (this one also has ottoman storage for all your bits and bobs).

Sleigh bed frames

Nothing will make you feel posher than a regal sleigh bed like the expensive Windsor Oak Sleigh with its solid hardwood build.

You can also find more affordable sleigh bed treasures, like the classical Bedmr Oxford—this one has a beautiful, curved profile and buttons.  

The Limelight Rosa is an even more affordable option. It has deliciously deep buttoning and a low footboard that makes your bedroom feel more spacious.  

Bedmr Oxford Sleigh Bed Frame - Grey.
Pictured: Bedmr Oxford Sleigh Bed Frame – Grey

Ornate metal bed frames

If you favour Victorian overtones, consider an ornate metal bed like the Birlea Atlas or Time Living Inova to adorn your royal quarters.

These intricate pieces are a masterclass in extravagant metalwork and romantic motifs, with delicate florals and scrollwork for a sense of class.

Time Living Inova Metal Bed Frame - Ivory.
Pictured: Time Living Inova Metal Bed Frame – Ivory

Wooden beds with finials

For a subtler take on classic grandeur, wooden beds like the Nordic Mill Orlan with elegant finials might be your ‘prince charming.’ These refined frames boast decorative finial posts at each corner for just a whisper of fancy.

Another decent option is the Birlea Corona (also available with a high footboard), which is made from solid pine for a rustic appearance.

Birlea Corona Wooden Bed Frame - Low foot end.
Pictured: Birlea Corona Wooden Bed Frame – Low foot end.

Poster beds

Poster beds are an eternal favourite in high-ceiling bedrooms because they accentuate height and provide a sense of grandeur.

Dark woods like walnuts are the traditional choice, but if you want ornamental detailing or something classic, you can choose sleek, black aluminium.

The Birlea Mercia is a lovely choice if you want something clean and straightforward. It’s available in white or black to suit your bedroom’s style.

Birlea Mercia 4FT 6 Double 4 Poster Bed Frame White.
Pictured: Birlea Mercia 4FT 6 Double 4 Poster Bed Frame White. Priced £350 (Save £48 on RRP)

Complete the classical portrait.

The perfect classical bed demands equally stately surroundings, so go ahead and complement your stunning centrepiece with a tufted upholstered bench at the foot and ornate bedside tables for those priceless books.  

And naturally, the linens and accessories should befit a monarch—we’re talking 1000 TC cotton sheets, a mountain of plump Euro shams in sumptuous velvets, and a pop of ornate pattern with an embroidered coverlet or throw.

Summing up

Winged headboards and sleigh beds ooze classical style, while poster beds are an excellent choice in bedrooms with high ceilings.

Metal bed frames offer unique ornamentation, and you can wrap coloured netting between and around the metalwork to soften the look.

Upholstered beds – especially ottomans – offer more colours and textures, making it easier to nail the style you’re after.

But your bed frame is only half the story to a happy classical ending – if you want a timeless bedroom, your furniture should ooze style, too.

Willis Gambier Ivory Double Wardrobe.
Pictured: Willis Gambier Ivory Double Wardrobe

Wardrobes like the Willis Gambier Antoinette and Willis Gambier Ivory can transform any boring bedroom into a classic masterpiece. Keep your colour scheme neutral and maximise natural light to create an airy, sophisticated boudoir.

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