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Is It Beneficial To Sleep In The Buff?

Is It Beneficial To Sleep In The Buff?

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Nov 3, 2015 09:37
Synopsis: Good news gentlemen; you've now got an excuse to tear off those tighty-whities and sleep blissfully naked - just like God made us.

Good news gentlemen; you've now got an excuse to tear off those tighty-whities and sleep blissfully naked - just like God made us.

According to a recent study by the National Institute of Child Health and Development, snoozing in your boxer shorts could damage your precious little men - your sperm that is. Results of this study suggest that the tighter your boxer shorts are, the more damage you're going to cause.

Leading expert Allan Pacey, who is an expert in the field of fertility, claims that "[…] men who increase the temperature of their testicles […] by wearing tight underwear, have poorer semen quality compared to men whose testicles are cooler.'

What this means is that by donning underwear like David Beckham, you're damaging your valuable sperm – although it's not caused the footballer any harm, it's probably not worth the risk for us mere mortals.

Of course, we're not suggesting you stuff a load of ice down your undercrackers, but there is evidence to suggest that sleeping naked could help benefit mankind.

So, here are three other reasons why sleeping naked will benefit your health.

Your sex life will improve tremendously!

According to a survey by Men's Health, women prefer men to wear boxers over pajamas – and whilst you're not sleeping naked, it's close enough - unless you're Hugh Jackman – his wife prefers him to sleep in costume!

According to the Daily Mail, 57% of couples who sleep in the nude are happier in their relationship; compared to just 48% of the fully-clothed prudish couples (only joking).

Shockingly, the trigger is skin to skin contact, which quickly gets things heated up in the bedroom. By sleeping naked, you'll feel more connected to your partner and as such you'll get down to it more often.

The only downside is that you might feel a little bit colder in the morning – not a bad sacrifice to make.

You'll avoid those pesky fungal infections.

Wearing underwear makes your sensitive parts sweaty – which is pretty obvious. If you sleep free and easy you're allowing your nether regions to breathe, reducing the chance of developing a fungal infection, such as jockstrap itch – nasty!

Nice to know.

You'll lose weight – possibly.

Sleeping fully clothed causes your body to overheat, and whilst sweating away the fat sounds

beneficial - it's actually detrimental to weight loss.

When your body temperature rises, fewer growth hormones are released and your body goes into panic mode. When this occurs your body starts storing fat instead of burning it. Your cortisol levels will also spike, which means more insulin is released overnight – see, there is science involved.

Ultimately a lack of sleep can increase your chances of getting diabetes – which in turn, causes weight gain.

If you want to improve your health – start sleeping naked.

Or sleep in a high altitude chamber like swimming legend Michael Phelps – if you want.

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