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Let Your Teenagers Sleep all Day! Is it Right Or Wrong?

Let Your Teenagers Sleep all Day! Is it Right Or Wrong?

Category: Sleep Talk
Posted: Oct 6, 2015 11:43
Synopsis: Get up, it’s two in the afternoon,’ ‘your dinner is ready, get out of bed,’ ‘all you do is sleep, don’t you do anything else?’

Let your teenagers sleep all day! Is it right or wrong?

‘Get up, it’s two in the afternoon,’ ‘your dinner is ready, get out of bed,’ ‘all you do is sleep, don’t you do anything else?’

Parents or guardians, if you find yourself shouting some of the above phrases, then we have one piece of advice here at Bedstar - STOP!

That’s right, from this very moment, you can stop screaming at your beloved children to leave their pits. You can save that valuable oxygen you’re wasting to take a few deep breaths. The next time you’re worried about your teen sleeping in, grab yourself a cup of tea and simply do something else (browse some lovely beds maybe?), something more productive than shouting at a brick wall, or a door. Of course, it depends on whether you’ve breached their bedroom door. Who knows, maybe the lack of attention might drive them out of their room.

Dr Paul Kelly – some bloke who spoke to The Guardian – is trying to convince your school to let all the children in Britain to have a lie-in; all the way to 11 o’clock! Now, that sounds shocking, but Dr Paul Kelly has got somepretty conclusive evidence as to why they should;something about circadian cycles that sounds completely made up. He’s a Doctor, don’t you know? Doctor Paul Kelly; so it must be true.

Apparently, Dr. Paul Kelly tried this at another school, his former school to be precise, and it worked a treat. During the course of his tenure, exam results skyrocketed and everyone was proper happy. All the teachers were also proper buzzing, speaking about how they could go out on the lash during a school night and have time to pick up a McDonalds breakfast the next morning. (Not really.)

Alas, this doesn’t really apply to regular people whose life starts before 11am, or even 9am. I mean, imagine pulling up to your local newsagents at 7am to grab your morning paper to find the shutters firmly down and a poster of Dr Doc Paul Kelly-Kelster’s stern face plastered all around, pointing at you, laced with the slogan, ‘what the hell are you doing up, don’t you respect your circadian cycles? - YOUR BED NEEDS YOU!’ You turn around and find nobody is up apart from that weird woman who hangs around the local chippy. Looks like the two of you never got the memo. Get back to bed.

Dr Paul Kelly should run for Prime Minister. I mean, watching BBC Parliamentfrom the comfort of my TVbed has me falling asleep at the best of times. At least with Dr Paul Kelly in charge nobody would wake up in time for any of the sessions. To combat this, Dr Kelly could turn the Houses of Parliament into a hostel. Imagine a place where Ministers and MPs can wake up at one in the afternoon, brush their teeth, eat, defecate and debate all in the same room; at least things would get done. Although, it must be said, the defecate and the debate could become rather difficult to distinguish.

But yeah, let’s leave teenagers in bed until 11am, maybe respecting their circadian cycles will get them a corking job in the future. I mean, imagine what they could do with their lives if they get up at 8am every day, go out and try hard. They could be anything they ever wanted to be, they could even be a writer.

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