Memory Foam Buying Guide

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Memory foam mattresses

Unlike standard foams that compress, Memory Foam deforms in shape under pressure and doesn’t want to spring back to its original form straight away. This is because its cells spread the air pressure from one to another, which is why it is so good at reducing pressure points.

In addition, the foam is heat sensitive, and in colder temperatures, the memory foam is more rigid than in warmer temperatures when it becomes softer and more bouncier. This temperature-sensitive feeling accounts for the melting feeling you acquire when lying on the foam. Different types of memory foam can react differently to the heat, with some staying firmer until higher temperatures have been reached.

Due to nearly every manufacturer producing a range of memory foam beds and mattresses, the good news is the price has fallen quite dramatically over the last few years! The bad news is many low-quality memory foam products are on the market, so picking the right one is essential.

When buying memory foam mattresses, the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for. Finding a low-cost memory foam will not mean you have found a bargain. The memory foam will be low-density and probably layered with a cheaper foam underneath. This generally means the foam won’t be as comfortable and will wear out quickly.

So, what should you be looking for?
I would recommend at least 3″ of memory foam to start with. This amount of memory foam will give you good cushioning and allow the memory foam to conform to the contours of your body and support the necessary pressure points.

Dormeo Octosmart Premium Classic Mattress.
Pictured: Dormeo Octosmart Premium Classic Mattress, Powered by award-winning Octaspring® Technology, Aerocell foam moulds perfectly to your unique shape for blissful comfort

The density of the memory foam is also significant, and I recommend at least 5lb. Anything less than this will shorten the life expectancy of the foam, and you will find the lower-density foam will soften and compress quickly and lose its overall shape. 5lb density memory foam should last a lot longer and hold its shape better while having a more comfortable feel

So, how does density work?
When you buy a memory foam mattress, you will pay more for a denser foam. It costs more to make a denser foam – more raw material goes into making a thicker substance. But density alone doesn’t tell you about the feel or comfort of a memory foam. In its barest terms, all density means is how much the foam weighs.

A 5 lb. density means that a cube of this material, one foot in each dimension, would weigh 5 lbs. The memory foam feel is all in the density, so I can’t stress enough the lower density you buy, the less it feels like memory foam.

How Long Should it Last
One last thing to consider is how long a foam will last. This is an important consideration because some memory foam initially feels tremendous but breaks down quickly. Because memory foam can have durability issues, I would caution you to avoid new formulations that haven’t been time-tested. You’ll avoid many problems with memory foam that has a proven history of actual-world durability.

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